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The works you are seeing here, the characters involved and events are all fiction and should always be treated as such.
Resemblance to any real person, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

No violence against women or animals is and should be condoned here and the works done here do not reflect in any way my visions of how women should be treated.

Besides, characters involved in those situations are 18 and older.
Any character that is canonically underage will SYSTEMATICALLY be aged up here, we do not do kid or early teen prey here.

Without further ado, enjoy the ride.

Vore Discord server here : https://discord.gg/KHbF3fvP

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A list of upcoming vore drawings to expect in the future
All characters involved are 18 and over
Any similarities to a real person, deceased or living, is purely coincidental

DC :

- The Bat and the Snake PT 3 (Head-first vore, Semi-Willing)

Fate :

- Feeding Time (Feet-first vore, Willing)

Genshin Impact :

- Beidou's Wormy Peril (Head-first vore, Unwilling)

Holoverse :

- Kira's Bad Days 3 (Snake, Head-first vore, Unwilling)

Jurassic World :

- Therizino-snack (Head first vore, Unwilling)

My Hero Academia :

- Mirko VS Snake (Feet-first vore, Unwilling)

Naruto :

- Retirement Gone Right (Feet-first vore,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Slimeman64 7 hours ago Report

Thanks for the favs, Goji!


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Thank YOU for the art :)


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Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Thunderjr7 5 months ago Report

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Your welcome ^^


Posted by flamebane 8 months ago Report

Thank you for the fave!


Posted by Ghostdragon 10 months ago Report

Thankies for the watch. ^.=.^


Posted by JediPadawanJess 1 year ago Report

I'd love to see Claire from Resident Evil being eaten by a Rathalos from Monster Hunter.


Posted by Slimeman64 1 year ago Report

Just wanted to once again say, thanks for all the favs!


Posted by Kulimek 1 year ago Report

I love the content of your work so far. I also love to see a creator who is so diligent in responding to fan comments. Excited to see more from you in the future!

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Posted by WarewolfBarMitzvah 1 year ago Report

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Happy to support other artists, I look forward to watching your stuff develop! :)


Posted by Pikash 1 year ago Report

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Just Do It or at Least Try.


Posted by Pikash 1 year ago Report

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