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Just a person looking to hone their writing craft while tapping into a source of inspiration that would be considered unorthodox in most other parts of the internet. While I have been a long time lurker, more recently I have gotten the urge to start writing stories that would appeal to my more... base instincts. This, as of now, is a side project along with a game I have been meaning to work. Instead, I find myself here.

On that note, should you find yourself interested in building a game yourself, for this community or others, don't hesitate to contact me. I am not a big fan of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

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Searching for Food not an ApologyA few weeks had passed since, well since Prudence had first started using Iz like a body pillow and nibbling on her. Thankfully, the nibbling part at least hadn’t occurred again. The same could not be said for waking up in the crimson coils of her roommate. Abigail had been a good sport through it all too. From the encouragement of Prudence, Iz had explained why Abigail was with her and that she wasn’t a pet to the other two. Fortunately, they understood, and

Long Arm of the Law Florencia scowled at the punitive police car that had pulled up to her family farm. First they state that her family sold the property, then they try to arrest her. The audacity of them to dare accuse her of a crime, let alone so many. 12 counts of first degree murder. 2 of those were absolute bullshit. Her lovers were still packed away tight in her womb, wrestling each other for the right to love her first after these slanderous pigs were disposed of. Her empty belly gr

Change in Accommodations Iz stretched her arms to the bright blue sky. She rose up to her tippy toes as well."Finally, I'm out of that car!" Iz declared to the quiet parking lot. Once she was suitably stretched, she allowed herself to return to the warm asphalt and looked over what would be her home for the next four months. Her old sorority house. Absolutely beautiful grounds and architecture. Motto was "the pen is mightier than the sword." Truly a sorority that supported and stood alongside he

New WombmateEager chattering filled the hallway. Well over a dozen doors were hanging open, boys and girls alike packing in clothes and gear. William was among them, toting a suitcase full of clothes and a duffel bag of various gadgets and care products. Move-in day. Several had parents with them while others did not. William was among those who did not. Here at State University they had a coed dorm option which William naturally opted in for. He was among those without their parents present. Qu

No Kidnapping Tinies“Help!” Iz screamed from the gooey interior. Her muscles ached with pain from struggling and her voice was hoarse from yelling. While she’d been certain that she would be digested in an instant after her clothes were stripped from her, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, she was tickled, tasted, and generally tortured for hours until she passed out from pure exhaustion. Now she was wide awake, but still entangled in this inescapable mass of flesh, or goo,

No Loitering In the AlleyWith a yawn and a stretch Alexandria awoke from her slumber. Slowly, her eyes peered over her form. No excessive rolls, her arms were soft but not jiggly. Her eyes widened with hope. Hopping out of her club partner's bed, she looked over her body. Clothes still intact, no swollen orb of a stomach, her thighs had just the right amount of thickness. Despite all the odds, she managed not to put on a single pound from those pool kids and cake.Something wrapped its arms aroun

Hitchhiker’s Guide to UnbirthThe hum of the tires over asphalt filled the air. Its only auditory rival being the chill ambient beats from the radio. The same, boring, landscape stretched out around the car in all directions. Flat grassy plains with the occasional hill. Easily the worst part about crossing over the Midwest. Samuel grunted in annoyance, then glanced around the car. His girlfriend, younger sister, and girlfriend’s younger sister made up the other occupants of his little hatchba

Break’s OverKale watched idly while Nanjala continued her daily routine of massaging the girls and pampering them with kisses. A display of pure affection. They were visible through the surface. Clear hand and foot prints as they moved about. Hand and foot prints that were definitely smaller than they used to be. Kale stopped and swallowed. Those poor girls. Who knows how young they’ve become already or how much of the outside world they can even remember anymore. Suddenly, Mirai looked up a

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Whatisaname's Blog - Back Log Posted 2 days ago

Hey I know it's been a while, but my hours changed, and my drive has been fading in and out. Plus two commissions. But my mind has cleared, I've paid for a huge commission for my game project, and I feel less dead inside.

I actually have three stories I've been working on. The middle one is finished, the third is half done, and the first nearly done. Once the first is finished, I'll release the second right alongside with it. So prepare for a bombardment of overdue content.

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You're welcome look here. https://aryion.com/g4/view/633155


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It was your "No Running at the Pool" story that really sold me. Can't wait to read the rest of your works!


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You're welcome :)


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Sure thing! I'm surprised I haven't come across your stuff before. It's well written and an enjoyable time.


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