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Just a person looking to hone their writing craft while tapping into a source of inspiration that would be considered unorthodox in most other parts of the internet. While I have been a long time lurker, more recently I have gotten the urge to start writing stories that would appeal to my more... base instincts. This, as of now, is a side project along with a game I have been meaning to work. Instead, I find myself here.

On that note, should you find yourself interested in building a game yourself, for this community or others, don't hesitate to contact me. I am not a big fan of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

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I’ll be Home for ChristmasThe past month had been an absolute terror. Jada's arms ached from constant use. Her cheeks stung faintly from the smacks and pops they received whenever she spoke out of turn. No replacement for Allison had arrived yet, leaving Mary as her only companion. Juana proved to be a bitter stubborn bitch. No doubt her family life combined with the desperate need to please the psychopath whose basement they lived in.While the urge to just swallow the bitch and his monster of

More Than a Sleeping Bag“Thanks mom!” I called out as I scooped up my sleeping bag from the backseat. As I was bent over, a few strands of my rust brown hair flitted before my eyes. I swept it back and smiled wide at my mother as she handed me my overnight bag.“Don’t forget to call if you have any trouble.” My mom reminded me. “And make sure to brush your teeth! Your braces will get all gunked up if you don’t.”“I know mom…” I sighed out in annoyance. Always so protective. I

Thanksgiving LeftoversSpencer smiled warmly as Prudence coiled around him. She had just yelped as a deranged killer jumped one of the hapless middle aged "teenagers" in the movie. She held tight to him, pressing her head against his shoulder. He loved it when she did it in high school, he loved it even more now. Spencer always had a crush on her. Even more after seeing how resilient she was after her paraplegia. Even as a Lamia, her arms and belly were still sculpted and toned. The raw power flo

Not Very Thankful"Now I know this whole change is sudden and last minute, but please know that you are loved and respected here." The strange woman explained to Jada as she carried a duffel bag and a suitcase. Jada couldn't remember her name at the moment. Honestly, she really just wanted to go home. Home with Han, Abigail, and Daniel. Nothing would make her happier. But instead, Han was still at the hospital, and the agency working her adoption case was just getting back to work, and Jada was s

What a "Triss"t!Iz stepped into the meeting room once again. The same place she'd had the interview been selected. Before her were two men and one woman. All quite a bit older than her, but all still college aged. The boy on the left she recognized immediately as the timid but resourceful Austin. The girl on the right and the eldest boy in the middle she hadn't yet met. Each was sitting in a roll out chair around the table."Please, take a seat." The older boy said as he motioned to the chair. Iz

Big Belly on CampusGreta knocked on the door to the RA’s room. Surely she wouldn’t mind having someone over for a couple hours. After all, they lived alone. Campus rules. Not to say that they didn’t have friends or plans in their day to day lives, just that they tended to have plenty of time all to themselves. After a few seconds of things tumbling or being pushed around, the RA finally responded. “Come on in. The door is unlocked.”Upon opening the door, she was greeted with an unusual

Hallow’s EveHan stretched her arms and legs as a ding rang through the room. "Microwave burrito time!" Han declared as she hopped to her feet. Abigail clung to a small braided portion of hair near the front. Abigail had spent the night tying it up. A small knot was formed at the bottom for her to use as a foothold. So there she dangled, stirring around in the air as Han casually bobbed over to the microwave on the counter."Better save a few bites for me." Abigail called out from her perch. Han

ReleaseThe afternoon sun bared down on Iz and Cassidy as they waited in Iz's car. Autumn or not, the heat was real. Iz drummed her fingers on the wheel while they sat in the midst of a traffic jam. Wait, they were crawling forward a few feet. There, now they were stuck in a traffic jam. Cassidy sat in the back, flats in the floor and her legs curled up in a criss cross position. "Are we there yet?" Cassidy asked in a posh, mocking tone, not unlike a child.Glancing into the rearview mirror, Iz's

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Whatisaname's Blog - Branching Out Posted 2 months ago

The Awakening project is going well and all, but there are certain things that I can't explain or do in this universe. The Awakening is supposed to be science fiction. The reason behind it is pseudoscience techno-babble. But the explanation in my brain does not line up with the new idea stirring around in my mind. So the next chapter of the Isabelle saga may be delayed as I begin playing around with this new idea. It may somehow, someday tie back into the main narrative, but for now, it is a separate story.

I've never been one for magic. But I do love the place where science and magic bleed into one. Cosmic entities from another plane of existence. Eldritch horrors whose sight alone drives mortal man mad. The world of Lovecraftian abominations and the seemingly mystical...
[ Continued ... ]

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