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Just a person looking to hone their writing craft while tapping into a source of inspiration that would be considered unorthodox in most other parts of the internet. While I have been a long time lurker, more recently I have gotten the urge to start writing stories that would appeal to my more... base instincts. This, as of now, is a side project along with a game I have been meaning to work. Instead, I find myself here.

On that note, should you find yourself interested in building a game yourself, for this community or others, don't hesitate to contact me. I am not a big fan of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

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No Running at the PoolThe water rippled lazily as a gentle breeze blew over its surface. The sun sat low in the sky, casting beautiful shades ranging from orange to purple. Twilight was truly one of the best times of day. Too bad it was associated with one of the worst published works ever written. Water splashed high into air as one of the remaining swimmers jumped from the diving board. The wet concrete sparkled just right. Soon the sun would drop below the valley this public pool was built in

Anatomy With Auntie Quinn felt absolutely awful when she broke the news to Tamira's parents. She felt even worse knowing it was more or less all her fault. Lavaughn had returned to America as soon as the news broke. Her older brother and dear sister-in-law had cut off contact with her entirely. Several of her friends that found out condemned her actions. Soon, she was more or less alone. She held a photo of her dear niece in her hands. "I'm so sorry Tammy." Quinn whispered to herself.

Express Route to Freedom Jada took one last look back at the pair she’d just spared. The short girl, her soft soles pointed directly at her. Still dripping with her saliva. The tiny, clinging around her fingers. Could she really go through with this? She’d never defied her parents before. Even before the Awakening. But if what they said is true, then truly it was her parents who were the villains, not these randoms she’d nearly swallowed. What if it was a lie? Even if it was, it still

She's on a Rampage Growl! Hunger. A feeling Alys had grown very familiar with. However, it was not her belly that growled from emptiness. It was Florencia's. Her captor. Or as Florencia saw it, her lover. The womb that had been her home for the past few days had grown considerably larger, but she chalked that up to all the digestion. Alys shuddered at the thought of the word. She spent hours curled into a little ball, forced to bear witness to the death of 4 of her fellow classmates as

By The Heart(h) “I told you two it would be a blizzard, now look at us!” Mark yelled over the howling winds around them. “Oh wait, we can’t because the snowfall’s so thick we can hardly see a thing!” He gritted his teeth in anger. The snow was a thick powder that caked him, his sister, and his girlfriend. They had to occasionally stop to shake it off, lest it weight them down. “Fine!” Mackenzie, his twin sister yelled back. “I get it you win!” “Like that real

Lion’s Pride Isabelle stood in Abigail’s kitchen, watching closely as the pot boiled and bubbled. Cooking had always been a secondary passion of hers, so she’d decided to try out some different recipes over the summer for shits and giggles. So far things were going pretty well. Her faithful cooking companion Abigail stood nearby, reading off ingredients and watching over the pot while Iz went off to fetch them. Frankly, it still felt odd living with Abigail. What was even more su

Baking With Auntie The scent of brownies wafted through the air. Soon enough it was spread all throughout the apartment. However, these were no ordinary brownies. These brownies were laced with a special ingredient. For you see, this was Quinn's niece and nephew first trip to Canada and Quinn was helping them celebrate. Sure, it was technically illegal given that the younger one was only 17, but what's the worst that could happen? You don't overdose on pot and the neighbors were chill. 

The Ultimate Cure Splash! The spoon dunked into the milk, sending waves that caused the nearby cereal to wiggle about. The gasp that escaped Charlie's lips blew his napkin across the table. Blood dripped from his nose, turning the milk slightly pink. His body trembled, his eyes rolled back into his head. His mother clasped her son's head in her hands. "Charles speak to me! What's wrong?" His mother exclaimed in absolute terror. "Uhh…" was all Charlie could groan out before his a

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Whatisaname's Blog - Flood of Work Posted 4 months ago

Good old pandemic has resulted in me being out of work and much of my town getting shut down. As a result I have pretty much nothing to do. So between bouts of gaming or programming, I will probably be posting pretty regularly.

That and I'll finish setting up some way to get payment so I can open commissions.

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