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Just a person looking to hone their writing craft while tapping into a source of inspiration that would be considered unorthodox in most other parts of the internet. While I have been a long time lurker, more recently I have gotten the urge to start writing stories that would appeal to my more... base instincts. This, as of now, is a side project along with a game I have been meaning to work. Instead, I find myself here.

On that note, should you find yourself interested in building a game yourself, for this community or others, don't hesitate to contact me. I am not a big fan of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

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A Sticky Situation “And remember class, just because you don’t know any Awoken people, doesn’t mean there aren’t Awoken animals in the area.” Those words echoed in Prudence’s mind. Spoken by her Biology teacher, they were intended as a stark warning. Naturally, this was a warning that went fully ignored by the student body. Doesn’t help that it was a mandatory miniature unit from the state. Everyone had heard it already, and they’d only hear a hundred times more. Doesn’t h

To Catch a Predator A light breeze shook the barren trees and sent a chill down Iz’s spine. The last week or two had been absolutely insane. A place that had once been a sanctuary to her was now a living nightmare. The cold gray skies a constant reminder of the imprisonment looming over her. She needed to skip town, and she needed to get on that plane. Otherwise, the long arm of the law would reach out and grab her. If they didn’t, then certainly someone from the club would come seeking

A Gut Feeling Sure enough, no later than they reached Han’s house, Nicole got out and then walked over to her own car. “I think I’m going to get out of here. I mean, things weren’t exactly going the way I wanted them to, but this is just perfect.” She explained. Comparatively, Nicole was slightly taller than Iz, with dirty blonde hair in a pixie cut. While her figure was rather plain, her face more than made up for it. Her face was round with high, freckled cheekbones,. Her lips w

Let’s Go Clubbing A few days later, Iz had made her decision. The least she could do is go to the club and pass on her tips and tricks. Maybe help save some others from the kind of shit she went through. She wasn’t interested in a job, just helping some people out. So when she rolled up to a well known abandoned building, she had to do a double take on the address. Sure enough, the card confirmed this was the place. Just then, Regina walked out onto the lawn from a stairway that le

Group Therapy Maybe a day ago, Iz was nearly absorbed into her best friends breasts, twice. Now she was splayed out nude in her bed. Feeling had returned to most of her limbs, but now she was cold. Intensely cold. Stella and Han were in their basement, playing card games. Part of Iz just wanted to stay in here, as far away from that psychopath while the other part wanted to go home. Going home meant going down to Han, and by extension Stella, and getting a ride from one or both of them. To

Snowed In A gasp of air. Sweet flowing oxygen. A pair of bright blue eyes flashed open and darted left then right, taking in the sight of her own room. Isabelle bolted upright as the sheets fell to a pile at her waist. She was in a gray long sleeve shirt that covered her hands. She whipped her head left and then right. The dresser was spotless, alarm clock sat on the top. Her door was closed and there was a light commotion coming from downstairs. “What happened last night?” She asked he

A Different Kind of Stuffing


A harsh wind whipped through the barren trees scattered across the dull, stagnant landscape. The grass had all fallen dormant, and earth was dry and cracked. Cars lined the streets as the fear of being blocked in one’s own driveway was a very real one this time of year. Or at least it used to be. Winter was supposed to be cold, with snow piled se

the Wind
aren’t these streets better lit?
Janet thought to herself. Frankly, it was the only thing on her mind
at the moment. With another evening of training come and gone, Janet
was now left to make her way home through the dark. Only the sound of
crickets and the crunch of roadside gravel beneath her sneakers
accompanied her. While most of the houses around her are still lit,
they sit far enough off the street that even they were not enough to
illuminate the roadway ahead of her. I

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