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Just a person looking to hone their writing craft while tapping into a source of inspiration that would be considered unorthodox in most other parts of the internet. While I have been a long time lurker, more recently I have gotten the urge to start writing stories that would appeal to my more... base instincts. This, as of now, is a side project along with a game I have been meaning to work. Instead, I find myself here.

On that note, should you find yourself interested in building a game yourself, for this community or others, don't hesitate to contact me. I am not a big fan of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

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Out of the Frying Pan…Eight months. It had been eight months since they’d imprisoned her in this experimental hell hole. Nearly every single day spent being jabbed, probed, analyzed, and tested by the government’s goons. To what end? Iz wasn’t sure, but she had a few ideas. Some more altruistic than others. In a perfect world, her regeneration could be harnessed and given to countless people. Humans could potentially extend their lifetimes to their maximum natural limit, only dying when

Open Bar, Closed RelationshipThe clinking of glass echoed through the open bar room while a lonely strawberry blonde woman stirred her Coconut Concoction idly with a small straw. It had been a long time since Roxanne had felt this down. A long, arduous day in the office only made worse by the fact that another round of layoffs left her cubicle an island, with no neighbors to interact with any longer. “I miss remote work.” She muttered to herself, her voice catching every now and again from l

Mime FieldThe summer sun shined down on the asphalt streets. That combined with the intense heat coming off from the vehicles that raced up and down the Florida streets sent waves of heat through the air that made Vicky’s eyes water from the sight. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she and the rest of her friends made their way down the street to the oh so inconvenient location of their car. It was naturally peak vacationing season, meaning that even small towns like this one were crowded beyon

The DopplegangerNathan should’ve never tried to monetize our research. That was the one thought cycling over and over through Noel’s brain. He was arrogant and foolish. What they’d been doing for the last year or more was literally revolutionary. But they had no company, no production facility, no sponsorship or anything. Rather than keeping things on the down low he hooped and hollered to anyone who’d listen about their ability to create life from an entire subgroup of Awoken people. Lo

Fresh Cult VegetablesThe battle was hectic, terrifying even. Jada had only minutes ago been swallowed by a vicious plant using Isabelle like some kind of meat puppet. Now, they stared each other in the eye. Nausea flowed through her guts. Or maybe that was Hannah and Abigail still wriggling inside her belly. She needed to get them out, but without striking this beast down, what good would it do? No, she needed to end this first.Her eyes shot over to the small blade still dug into Isabelle’s ar

RegicideMaria stretched her arms into the air, letting her light muffin top breathe in the fresh air of Gwen’s apartment. A place she only frequented when she was asleep or Gwen was at work anymore. It had been a long week, in and out of Gwen’s womb constantly, taking shots and videos for a fanbase of what she could only describe as weirdos at this point. Or at least she thought it had only been a week. Time was kind of a mess for her at the moment. Their portfolio had only grown in the past

Switching SidesMaria cowered in Gwen’s basement much like she had been for the last several weeks. While the nurse was happy to take her in, she’d seen no interest in actually helping her get out of this place. Meanwhile, her friends were wasting away inside the womb of some madman bent on destruction while a giantess prowled the city searching for her. Fortunately, Gwen was one of the few around the city with a strong enough willpower to resist Regina’s influences. But even then all it wo

Cat and Mouse“So, these are my friends.” Triss said in a tone that almost sounded numb. Juniper wasn’t sure why it sounded like that, but her mind was also divided between a few different things at the moment. One, she was paying attention to Tristan’s words. Two, she was being barraged with an array of new faces large, small, and one which was half dragon. Finally, her stare looked through the smattering of high school kids to the pair of jocks down the hall. The bear muscled girl and t

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I just started a new job recently and the hours are absolutely brutal. I still have not gotten used to it and as a result, it has taken me nearly all month to get anything done. I'll hop back onto the commissions for soon enough, but I really just wanted this finished before June was over.

Speaking of. This chapter marks the end of the third arc for these characters. From here, I only have vague ideas and intend to put Iz and the main crew on hiatus for now. Instead, I intend to work more on some side projects for the time being such as a sequel to "One Big Baby", Alexandra, and switch focus to Triss and Prudence for a while with something for Jada a little further down the pipeline. I'm really excited for what's coming next, I just hope I can find the time to...
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Thank you for your favorite on "(THI) Hidden Gluck". I hope it was to your taste, and whets your tongue for further appetizers and meals from me~

And your works look pretty tasty, I'll have to give them a decent taste-test too

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You're welcome. So far I've only read a few of your stories there, but the 'Shifting Views' part of Awakening is very good. Nice comeupance tale without making them be murderers.


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