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Flood of Work Posted 2 weeks ago
Good old pandemic has resulted in me being out of work and much of my town getting shut down. As a result I have pretty much nothing to do. So between bouts of gaming or programming, I will probably be posting pretty regularly.

That and I'll finish setting up some way to get payment so I can open commissions.
I Have a Query Posted 1 month ago
So, I'm not usually a fan of writing blogs, but I have a question. While I understand that I don't have a large audience, I have recieved a couple questions about my interest in commissions. I have been thinking about it, but didn't want to just spew up a bunch of rules and make it seem like I think that I'm better than I really am.

So I guess what I'm asking is what do any of you think about me and commissions? Should I? Am I good enough? Do you think there would be any interest?

Thanks in advance. I'm genuinely curious.