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A Russian



sunlight was filtering through the blinds of the apartment, as Doug Jones was helping his new tenant, Miia Predator,

with rearranging

her bedroom, as she stood by the door rubbing her immensely large belly that contained his unbirthed sisters.

RWBY Reaction Story


“Ruby Rose, what are you planning on doing with them?”

Weiss questioned, her voice ringing in Ruby’s head as she locked the dorm rooms door.

“Well, I can’t exactly turn them in to the authorities, or the professors, they’d all think I’m crazy.”

RWBY Reaction Story


Mmm… man it feels good to be able to stretch after my morning workout.” Ruby sighed as she did some small morning stretches.

“Don’t forget Ruby, you’re pregnant, so your workouts can’t be as extreme as normal. You’re lucky I kept reminding yo

RWBY Reaction Story


Ruby exhaled in relief,

as she put the barbell down, having finished with a set of deadlifts. She walked over to the punching bag in the school gym, where she left her things. Ever since taking Weiss into her breasts, and making her a part of herself, Yang suggested Ruby mix up her training regimen, and did so, by incorporating deadlift, bench press

RWBY Reaction Story


Ruby hummed a happy tune as she was scrolling through woogle, looking for online shops that made, custom Compression Dust bras. She found a few, and happily clicked on the links, and used Bunny to find excellent coupon codes that reduced the prices drastically on the bras, including when bought in bulk.

“What are you h

RWBY Reaction Story



mm…” Ruby Rose hummed scrolling through woogle looking for different recipes for cookies, on her scroll left on big screen

, computer


“Hey sis. Looking for more cookie recipes again?” Ya

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