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An ominous quiet hovered over the
steamy hot springs, as the only sound to be heard was the soft noise
of flowing water dribbling down the rocky landscape. The new Alice
emerged from her little secluded pool, the same pool from which she
had been born, and proceeded to approach the rest of her companions.
As she walked, she was sensually swaying her sexy new body, enjoying
its lovely form to the fullest. Indeed her friend Jane had done well
to satisfy her hungers and add to her beauty, but Alice

It was a gorgeous day in the
forest, the sun shined brightly in the slightly cloudy skies as a
gentle breeze swept through the land. Down by the hot springs,
several gorgeous women, naked and bare, filled the steamy pools as
they relaxed blissfully in the crystal clear water, letting the
relaxing warmth and comfort wash over their beautiful young bodies.
Alice, a gorgeous brunette, was more than content to give a long
blissful sigh, for no words were necessary to express the perfection
that was

Deep in the heart of the mystical
realm of the forests lived a majestic fox girl named Kyra. She was a
beautiful and elegant creature, resembling the form of a lovely human
girl completely if one would disregard the cute little fox ears upon
her head and sleek fox tail on her back.
Her looks
made is seem as if her predatory heritage was irrelevant to her, but
that was certainly not the case for behind the veil that is her
beauty is a predator, a creature more than eager to devour anything

Diana, the queen of Merth was
sitting in her lonely chambers by the open window rocking in her
chair ever so softly. In her hands she held her old ragged diary, the
same diary that she had all her life and read over and over again in
her lonesome chamber for what seemed to be eternity. She flipped
through the pages indolently, her eyes skimming over each sentence
that she had pretty much memorized. As she neared the end her heart
sank into sadness as the writings turned from frustrated complaint

Dena skipped down the forest path
at a rather jubilant manner, her large D sized breasts bouncing up
and down inside her tight leather top. Her curly brown hair blew
gracefully with the wind in a ponytail. Going up to the town wall her
emerald green eyes to the guard up on the tower and waved to him and
presented him the horse pulled cart full of some captured prey.
Upon entering the village the
villagers took notice of her fuller breasts, pregnant looking belly
and meatier thighs.
She stoppe

Trinity emerged
from her quarters in her golden armor that encased her chest quite
tightly since her breasts had gained some reasonable amount of mass
since she had carried out the executions of the other assassins. It
has been months since she had a run against the demon assassins and
now she had built an army to wreak her revenge. Today was the time to
find the perpetrators who would seek her death.
She stepped out of
the large border post which was her command post and stepped out into

The dark stormy twilight enshrouded the bandit town of Mordana which lay on the border of the perilous wilderness. A former city, it was ransacked by nagas ages ago during the Great War. Now with the demons driven from Ranthera and the city destroyed, it was a quickly resettled and rebuilt despite being so close to demon territory. The people who occupied Mordana's ruins however were fugitives and criminals eager to find safe haven. Now across its burdened streets bandits and rouges come from fa

A young blonde princess by the name of Trinity walked through the
halls of the royal palace, her immense belly bulging out of her gown.
She stepped into the majestic royal hall, and examined the
splendorous decorations and golden walls of the room. They were made
out of the finest gold and shimmered with diamonds and rare gems that
were embedded into the shiny borders. At the end of the hall a large
throne where the queen would normally sit has been replaced with a
similar but far larger chair a

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cheeseandmango's Blog - My next plans Posted 5 years ago

Finally finished up Slimy Encounter so I can at last move on to other stuff. I've been pretty busy and I guess my main lesson is that I shouldn't really do stories with long narratives and simply do single short stories and end them there. I'd like to go and continue Alexis' story next and then hopefully finish Cassandra's after that because I know some of you really want me to continue those series. Anyway we'll see what the future holds.

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I hope you continue to enjoy!


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Thank you for watching :D


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Thank you for the watch~!!x3

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You've probably heard this a million times but, I would really love to see the rest of the "Rise of Jasmine" series completed. That and sequels to the rest of your work.

no one

Posted by no one 2 years ago Report

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Of course! You suggested I check out your stuff here after all.


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