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Revenge Chapter. 3
the middle of a white matte room, Toadette sat at a gray chair and
table that had two other toads standing over the other side. “Thanks
for coming in.”
Toad on the chair across from her was a blue with steal
blue eyes. He looked across to the young Toad. Toeadette started to
look down with her as she tried to hide her eyes. “Why did you ask
for me?” Toadette asked as she fidgeted with her hands under the
his hands on the table, the Toad

look of concern covered the galaxy Queens face as she remarked.
“Looks like I’ll have to be careful for a little while.”
I knew that they would not give up on us!”
Daisy exclaimed. “Once
they find you. You’ll be thrown in jail!”
should just let us go,” Peach
spoke up. “Perhaps
if you let us go then you might
not get in trouble.”
going to happen,” Rosalina
replied. “They
can’t find you. Nothing points to me and I’ll make sure of it.”


out to the decent sized parking lot Rosalina looked around the forest
wrapped parking lot. Stepping out to the decent sized parking lot
Rosalina looked around the forest wrapped parking lot. Only a few
cars and trucks sat in the sixteen parking spaces. Rosalina walked
out on to the lot with her swaying booty and bust.
at the nearest turquoise Lamborghini Urus. Stepping over she reached
into her pocket to pull out a pair of keys to unlock her c

winds blew over the rolling hills of grass making the blades of grass
bend and sway. Walking through the fields of hills a girl with red
brown hair walked through the hills. Daisy, the princess huffed. “Why
the hell could she just find a power up and I can’t!” She
complained. Walking down the hill she slowly walked through her
kingdom. Off in the distance was her big castle.
in place she saw the one person she never thought she’d see. ‘What
is he
doing out here!’
She gas

through the forest behind the castle, Peach walked through the path
that had trees on either side of the dirty path. ‘So
peaceful,’ Peach
thought as she walked through the forest path. Luckily it was in her
kingdoms' castle walls so none of Bowser's
minions was a
As she
continued to walk she came across a bottomless pit in the path. She
looked forwards to see some land raising
out of the pit. Taking a few steps back she ran forwards to jump on
the land and repeated it for two

New Toy: OmakeEuphemia’s womby needs
waking up Euphie got out of her bed and yawned. Rubbing her eyes, she
looked back to her spider half. Giggling at the sight, Euphemia
smiled, “So perfect!” She giggled. However, as she giggled there
was a warmth that drawn her eyes down south. Looking down she felt it
as her face went a little rosy.
burning echoed in her sex. ‘I
need something in there!’ She
rubbed two of her spider legs before her pussy. As she did she
stumbled left

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Hey i have been thinking since i now got a gallery. Would you all like to see my transformational Code Geass fanfiction series on here? I made a folder and there is a vore scene i have in mind but its not about vore. Well sort of. Its about having almost all fetishes in it. Excluding my hard nos. :P So should i start posting it? And here is a link to my story.

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