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I'm presently writing a vore-based story series based on the characters and setting of RWBY. As part of it, readers can vote for the next part's pred and prey, as well as the type of vore.

Check it out under 'World of Vore Evolution (RWBY)', though keep in mind that, due to the temporary policy regarding the Underage tag, parts are missing. For now, a link to a Drive folder containing all parts can be found under the same heading.


I take requests free of charge (and collabs soon too), but am picky about what I accept, and will only take one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. See my 'Commission Status' page for details.


I also have a Discord server now. Check it out, but read the rules:


'Star Trek' Themed Vore Story: Planning 5% (If that)
World of Vore Evolution #13: Writing 50% [2367 words]

50 Watchers Story (RWBY): Pre-Planning
Madoka Magica Story: Pre-Planning
El Goonish Shive Story: Pre-Planning
"Tower of Vore" Story: Pre-Planning
Evangelion Story: Pre-Planning

Vote for what I write next: VOTING CURRENTLY CLOSED

(Last Updated on Feb 8th 2019)

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Ladies and gentlebutts, the vote is now closed.

The outcome of the next part of World of Vore Evolution has been decided. I won't say what it is here, in case someone's deliberately avoiding finding out, but it's easy to go and see in other parts of my pages if you want to know. Hopefully this one will come out very soon, as i've already worked out the story.

In the meantime, have fun!


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Posted by Nightmare49 2 months ago

Wow thanks for the fav! XD


Posted by NovaRay 5 months ago

Many thanks for the fav ^-^


Posted by MobiusTheIce 5 months ago

Much thanks for the watch, hope to not disappoint! :D


Posted by Slimeman64 6 months ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Nightmare49 7 months ago

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thanks! hope to see your comments on them then.


Posted by Nightmare49 7 months ago

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Oh! glad to hear you like my style! Its not allways the same but i try to be as similar as possible in all my stories. That and make sure that the words flow right.


Posted by Nightmare49 7 months ago

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really? in general? Or just my RWBY one


Posted by Nightmare49 7 months ago

wow! thanks for the watch!


Posted by fallenandscattered01 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by SwordkingX5 1 year ago

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that's a mistake on Eka's part.
Their the same story, it just fucked up.
I'll try and remove the broken one.


Posted by Modern45 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave :)

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