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I am decently new, I have already amassed a large amount of (in my opinion) fap material. And along that path I have found that I do have a type, since I would (like almost everyone else) want to fuck a DJing octo-girl. I love to play video games as long as they are play able/100% complete-able, I'm looking at you sonic boom.

EveRyONe ganGsTa UntIL BAdgEr PuLls out Teh BmM!

By the gods, it's Gordon Fuckmen.


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Hurtthrower579's Blog - Random question. Posted 2 months ago

How people who are on here, feel like they are hypersexual? Because I know I fucking am. Now I might not be 100% but I know I'm anywhere from 75%-95% because when I have nothing to do I find myself resorting to trying to get off to vore stuff and it's becoming harder. So Yeah, I think the question ended a bit ago sorry. But even if this is months old you can still reply, no matter what. This post will just help you find people even more like you, maybe you can find someone for you through, hell if I know. Life is fucky, don't let anyone tell you other wise.

I hope anyone who sees this has a nice day and thank you for readin and hopefully answering the short question.

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