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A 19-year old Endo fan, space/science-fiction enthusiast, and professional slacker that aspires to be a writer - and probably would've been one already if she wasn't so lazy, depressed, and addicted to games. (At least the games help me get inspiration to draft potential stories :P) I have comically niche interests and sub-fetishes that makes even other vore fans raise eyebrows at me. Proudly a member of the LGBT community - but, despite my avatar, I'm bisexual rather than lesbian; I just wanted something that fits Madomura. ^^;

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Posted by Renael 1 month ago Report

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Posted by fallenandscattered01 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by Yorel 2 months ago Report

Thank ou for the favorite!


Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

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Let me know if you end up writing anything, I'd love to see it! :) and if you like anything of mine in particular, I appreciate your thoughts -- I'm a pretty new writer here so I'm trying to improve wherever I can ^u^


Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

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I am not super good at that, honestly -- I have trouble with motivation pretty frequently.

All I can suggest is that writing ANYTHING (such as a half-sentence description or a snappy piece of dialog) is a good start... even if you can only write one sentence at a time over a few hours; often having anything down on paper helps keep the ball rolling, so you can revise later and have something to work from.

Beyond that, I find that writing with someone else looking over things helps a lot! That's why I have a Discord where I work with the other writers for my stories ;)


Posted by GokaiVore 2 months ago Report

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Thanks ^^


Posted by Gumdrop 2 months ago Report

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Not enough people are into that sorta thing XD


Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 months ago Report

Thank you for the fave!

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav!

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