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I'm an aspiring artist, a passionate writer, and a patron of other people's work! Oh, and an avid role-player too!
If you're interested in that last part, check out my ETA profile! https://rp.aryion.com/profile/Hariti_Khatri
(Note though - Hariti is not me, and I am not her! She's a character I created!)

Also, FYI - I'm a 'she' if you're gonna refer to me OOC using pronouns! XD

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Lucas flipped the red switch and slowly started turning the dial to power-up. The machine was a Graviton Compressor—an unsettling mess of wires and tubing with blinking diodes and lights. He never felt comfortable operating the machine alone, there were so many switches that he worried he would hit the wrong one. After a few tense seconds, the machine whirred to life with a faint hum. Lucas sighed with relief and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, then turned and reached for his note

Manticore's Morning: A Flash-Fiction by EnderDragonfireAmeretat's eyelids fluttered and opened. The manticore's nictating membranes peeled back and left her staring into the early morning shadows. The sun had not yet risen over the valley. Her golden, leonine eyes scanned her lair sleepily, and she rose to her feet and shook herself, momentarily raising her quills and sending tufts of loose red fur into the air. She yawned widely, showing her three rows of sharp fangs, before trotting outside.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains fatal vore and other potentially upsetting themes. Please check the tags and read at your own discretion. Snake and Mouse: A Vore Story by EnderDracolichThe little mouse-girl huddled in the bramble. She nervously reached out to pluck berries from the branches. With each berry she picked, she looked around for signs of danger. From above, from behind, from all around—but not from the bramble right in front of her.In that bramble, Kryie was poised to stri

Promethian Christmas: A Borderlands Endo Fic by EnderDracolichLorelei reached across the counter and took the coffee from the barista bot, two cups, one for her and one for Rhys. She rolled her eyes at the robot as it repeated an automated warning about the coffee being hot. Of course it’s hot, it’s bloody coffee! Shaking her head, she started walking down the street, away from the Rise and Grind, to where her cyclone was parked on the corner. There was a bag of burgers from the Dyn

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I am tentatively accepting writing commissions. I am charging 10$ per 1000 words. More info can be found under Commission Status.
There's a list of things I will/won't/might do there. Please read carefully before approaching me for commission.

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