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Changes. Posted 1 month ago
Hello to anybody actually reading this.

I am gonna be changing things soon, here on Eka's. I will be removing items from my gallery, un-watching artists, and un-favoriting pictures, among other things.

My preferences have really changed since I joined this site and I feel like it's time for me to start fresh. I've had a hard time letting go of some of my old interests and commitments but at this point I feel like there's more stuff holding me back than I can justify. I don't enjoy fatal vore anymore but I have four fatal vore stories on my profile, as well as fatal vore art. I need to remove that, and distance myself from it.

This is gonna take a while, and I might not be the most active on here in the interim.
Spring at last? Posted 5 months ago
So, some of you might have noticed that Spring at Last - one of my popular stories - is gone from my gallery.

That's because I intend to revise it heavily before letting others view it again.

The story focuses on serious and heavy subject matter, and is is very personal to me, and I want to present it at it's best.

I don't like leaving it open for misinterpretation, and there was... a lot of that going on with the last version.

So it will remain gone until I decide to bring it back.
My thoughts on Vore. Posted 6 months ago
Hello again!

After some intense soul-searching and self-reflection, I have concluded that I do - indeed - still like Vore.

That said, I only like a very limited selection of Vore. For a while, I was a lot more open, and experimented with a lot of different things.

I now know which things I like, and which I dislike, and won't be pushing the boundaries again any time soon.

My interests are, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite similar to what I was initially into. Most of my experimenting didn't yield fruitful results.

So... what kind of Vore do I like?

Well. Months ago, Eka asked me that question in the chatroom. I'll tell you what I told her then: I like Vore that is intimate, and personal.

For me...
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Feeling uncomfortable with Vore lately. Posted 6 months ago
Basically, what the title says.

I have, for various reasons, been less comfortable with this fetish lately. Especially with certain forms of it.

So I am going to be taking a bit of a hiatus from it, and trying to figure out if I've still got a place in this fetish.

I've seen a lot more dark, sadistic stuff floating around lately. Maybe it's getting more common... or maybe I'm just getting more sensitive.

Either way, I find it stressful to see characters being brutally killed all the time. Especially if it's permavore, or involves betrayal or wanton cruelty - or both.

So I'm gonna back off and stop looking at Eka's for a bit.

I could try to use blacklist, but I would probably have to block hundereds of tags to...
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