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Monster Breakout and comments stuff. Posted 3 months ago
Well I figured I would post this mini blog of sorts. This is about RWBY Monster Breakout and how when you post things, no one ever seems to comment. This is something I k ow I brought up before but I figured it bared repeating. But this time I got a poll of DevaintArt. I think it was on Devaintart when I did. But really sometimes you crave to read comments. Ones that show that the reader is thinking about what would happen next or what they liked, so when you don't get those it kind of stings. Like do people actually like what I wrote. So again I made a poll on DevaintArt.

The second part is just something that came up for RWBY Monster Breakout, this...
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RWBY Monster Breakout Chapter release Posted 4 months ago
Newest chapter of RWBY Monster Breakout is coming later today. Already out on Ao3 though!
RWBY Monster Breakout Poll Posted 8 months ago
Wish i could just make a single poll like i can on Deviantart without making a blog. To help me brainstorm i got this little poll and it is also on Deviant Art if you want to vote there.
New RWBY Vore stories. Posted 9 months ago
Hey, just reaching out to let all of my readers know that i have four different RWBY vore stories i am going to write. NOW, each is an one shot. or a single chapter story. What they will be will not be revealed now. Instead i will be releasing all four at once. So i need to go and write them all up first.

Now i will say all four were ideas that i wanted to write for a long while. But after what happened to Cookies and Breast Milk. It exploding and sooo many people wanting more of it. Well i think these might do the same. SO! I decided to write all four. Then have it a bit of an epilogue to it in the same chapter. Then let the viewers/readers decide which one for me to put in reserve to write whenever i want. The others will be up for adoption/continuation by other...
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Anyone wiling to write a reaction story for my RWBY Vore Stories Posted 10 months ago
Yes, i may be a writer. But this is something that i would love to read someone writing a reaction story to my two RWBY stories. Cookies and Breast Milk and RWBY Monster Breakout This is something that i always loved to read and i really want to see someone write one about these stories. It would be a blast to read and see how others would make the main cannon RWBY cast react to them. The main reason why i really want to see this is doe to a few RWBY reaction stories. There are a great amount on fanfiction.net that i enjoyed. RWBY React Watch Believe Yikes! (Which i cannot seem to find anymore) and...
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RWBY Vore Challanges Posted 10 months ago
Well I finally decided to post all of my RWBY challenges here. Most are related to my RWBY story Monster Breakout and Bookies and Breast milk. There will be a forum post I plan to make too at some point. But for the time being it'll be a blog post.

All of these will be a growing list of challenges or prompts that will be filled out over time.

RWBY Monster Breakout Challenges
I have a set of 6 plot idea or adoptive challenges. Two for the three different plot ideas I was brain storming. Each one you can do a rewrite of this chapter where one of my other plot paths.

Each of these challenges have two versions for RWBY...
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Question for my readers Posted 10 months ago
Should I breastify Weiss in Monster Breakout? I ask this because I am extremely tempted to do so. But I have a lot of readers for this story. Which again I started for myself really. But I want to see the reader's feedback and thoughts. This tends to help me brainstorm ideas. So I wanted to ask you all this. So please comment below with your thoughts.

Should she get breastified and in what way? Why would you want that or why not?
An update on my stories Posted 10 months ago
Just letting you all know that. Cookies and Breast Milk is on hold. But i do have some special planned for it. VERY special and i hope that all of the fans of the series will enjoy it.

Now then i have been working on the RWBY Monster Breatout the most lately. I got a huge a part of the first 3rd of the chapter. It'll be a long one. But hopefully well worth it for all of my readers.
RWBY MonsterBreak out. Full chapters! Posted 1 year ago
Just so you all know i am going to be posting the full story chapters of RWBY Monster breakout in the future.
RWBY Monster Breakout Chp. 2 is post Posted 1 year ago
Hey just to tell you all that RWBY Monster Breakout Chapter 2 has been posted on AO3. I cn't get the preview to be posted here for some reason. You can vote on two polls. First the winner of the last Poll Was Kali. Now you can vote on either Strawpoll which will require an account for the Kali poll the other one doesn't. OR on Devaintart for those who have an account. The poll last for one week for Kali. The other will be up for much longer.

What do you want to see Kali be transformed into? DeviantArt Poll | StrawPoll ]

Polls for fun ...
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