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“Just keep quiet and stay inconspicuous, fucking got it?” Sydney says, jumping out of the back of the van. Beside her, and energetic blue haired girl.
“Mhm, yeah, whatever.” Jinx said, brimming. She was clearly not paying attention.
Sydney just rolled her eyes, as Hoxton and Dallas got out of the van too, and walked off, to wait for their cue.
Sydney put on her normal act, pulled her mask on, and went around the back of the bank to check for guards. Jin

It was another standard day on summoners rift. Top lane were both waiting for Jungle ganks while the jungles were both playing the PvE game and just farming.
Zoe was on the mid lane, laughing happily as she struck the opposing minions, occasionally launching a spell or two at her snake like opponent. Despite being in the middle of an important League match, her mind was elsewhere.
Ezreal was in this game and Zoe could barely keep her mind on the match. She simply

“Why the hell do we have 2 supports?” Leona asks as she stares at her lane partner Soraka. “Is your summoner going to build you ad or…?” The Solari asks as the goat woman stands there fiddling with her staff.

“I .. was assuming your summoner was going to build you bruiser” Soraka says slightly nervously, unsure how well this match would go with duo supports.

A minute later a Dor

let out a polite yawn, as she sat in her floating chair in the small
off room of Hanamura Sitting patiently, she waited for her next
target to step in.“Oi love, the cavalry's he-” Tracer
called out, before a ZZZZT brought to life Symmetra’s sentries, and
before Tracer could finish as sentence, she had fallen to the
ground.”“This is going to be a long game.” said,
going limp in her mech, the mech supporting her weight easily, as she
watched the enemy tracer get fried ag

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I was Role Playing with HungryDumpty and he was kind enough to turn it into a story! Here it is!

And for the people I've promised requests to, I'm sorry. I'm a supremely lazy person. It's coming, but really, really slowly. I have no excuses apart from Monster Hunter World has taken over my life.

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