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roleplay by Shades and Maneater1987, edited and reformatted by
I want to play very lewdly with someone." I started. "Where
each thing we do to each other makes them smaller, and smaller, and
they know full well what will happen when they get small enough..."
you raised an eyebrow curiously, but I was committed now and I just
had to finish blurting it out. "...but they just keep deciding
to stay and play a bit more, until they realize ..

lovers sat around the living room TV sipping hot cocoa. Despite the
cold darkness outside, they were all feeling a warm glow fill their
hearts. They were paired off in two snuggling bundles of blankets,
watching funny videos of cats and silly video game streams.
nuzzled her smooth, gentle face into her girlfriend's freckled neck
and took a slow breath of the scent of her cherry blossom shampoo.
Next to them, James lay on his back with Tiffany's head and short,
pale blond hair resting

and her boyfriend Jake were both fascinated with augmentation, so
they were both excited when she got a new job as a cybermaid. Her
first day, she went in to get her augments, and it was a surprisingly
quick and painless process.
was still getting the hang of controlling her new prehensile vacuum
hoses, so when she got home before Jake, she decided to practice a
bit by vacuuming the apartment. Just as she'd hoped, Jake got home
while she was still at it, and she struck a pose for him

was Marissa's first year going along with Jacob to visit his folks
for the holidays. She'd been anxious about it all month! What would
they think of her? Would they be accepting of her more liberal
lifestyle and manners, or would they be judgemental? Jacob had
already told her they weren't ultra-conservatives or anything, just a
little old-fashioned and clinging to some family traditions. But when
he talked about those traditions, he usually wound up talking about

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