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I lied! Yeps I'm back so much for retirement plans X-D

Got back into this a few weeks ago after things went south with my partner... and I dont mean that in a lesbian fun times way X-D Anyways still living and working in Germany buuuuuuuut yeah now I don't have that old ball and chain around my neck, I can pick up where I left off ^_^

Before you ask, "What about GentlmaninShakeskin?" He still has full permission to use our universe in his own stories so long as its vetted and green lighted by both of us ^_^

Cant wait to get back to work and bring you guys some more gems from my universe! :-D

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London... or for scientific purposes New New New New New London, one
of the well polished jewels in the crown of Human Naga Intergalactic
Alliance and of Earth 2. It was the hub for all banking and
scientific development on the planet... most of its citizens are
middle to upper class. With very little to no crime, clean streets, a
wonderful safe place for the people with the credits... returning
back from his shift at the courts as police guard, Will smiled
getting to his flat door, knowing

As the headteacher
marked her work she could feel the odd kick or movement, rubbing her
belly and comforting her, occasionally getting out a big red rubber
stamp and stamping the work. The big letter F across the page...
“Why do I have so
many stupid students” she said rubbing her eyes, “Yawn... all
this is making me... yaaaawn... so sleepy”
She leaned back onto
her huge leather seat and slowly started to close her eyes, dosing
off to sleep as her belly slowly moving from time to time, h

SWEETIES!Yes I'm back, I know I've edited my account to say
I'm back but I though I would make a big old thing of it and let all
my followers know hehe ^_^Long story short two big ones
really between me and GentlmaninShakeskin, I was tapping this out and
he got in touch telling me his news, so we decided why not roll it
all into one big announcement for you lovely vore heads :-DIts
been a long while since I've posted on here so lets start with me as
I'm the one typing this out ^_^ I'm sing

to hell on our dimensional plain, why are we still here after so many
years of blood and war? Simple, to defend our faction, to ensure we
have someone reading about this glorious day in our history books to
come” Bellowed a tactically armoured Sargent, his hand clutching
his sword as it remained holstered, his hand clearly quaking as it
did, “...look all around you, everyone here is going to die, maybe
today, maybe tomorrow... or maybe with there bloody hands clutching
the flag as

next morning Will awoke in a dark fleshy place, he jump to the
conclusion that she must reformed and ate him. He felt movement as
the flesh just moved away, to his surprise she reformed and fell
asleep with him nestled in her cleavage.
good looking, snug down there?’ She said with a smile,
rubbed his eyes, ‘Mmm... Yeah, nice and soft, how you feeling hot
I loved every minuet of it last night, you should have become an
actor, you played the pred per

stood fully kitted out in a HNIA Powered exo-suit, holding his rifle,
standing guard outside a Town hall. His mind still a float about the
wonderful night he had with Ruby, it had been around 5-ish weeks
since then and they met up whenever they both had the time to spare.
Even in that short space of time the both of them where smitten with
the other.
his armour was fully bodied no once could see his face, to the rest
of the world he was just another guy doing his duty, so he just st

On the Planet
Earth 2, a sleek and sexy red naga was slivering home after a long
days work. Ruby was one of the leading scientists of her time, she
helped found 2 major medical companies and created the Anti-V or
Re/Gen pill, she now works for Wep-Tec making and improving weapons
in the fight against the Imperial and NIFF forces. She had everything
a person could ever want in there lives...
As she got to her
flat she opened the door to have the surprise of her pet dog-girl
jump up at her...

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Posted by SableCross 4 years ago Report

Hey there, just checking in on ya, amking sure things are still good.


Posted by docfun21345 4 years ago Report

Are you going to make another unbirth club story or what?


Posted by IsistheKitsune 6 years ago Report

I hope you make great stuff


Posted by blackrain 6 years ago Report

I do have a few new naga sketches that I've done. Just haven't had the time to finish them.


Posted by blackrain 6 years ago Report

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Yes I would agree with that. It's been a long time and I do miss chatting with you. I have been able to chat with a lot of people lately.


Posted by blackrain 6 years ago Report

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your welcome. hope to catch you around some time to chat or something.


Posted by Apostolos 6 years ago Report

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You're welcome.

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Thanks for the fav!

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Thanks for the fav!


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Thanks for the FAV!

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