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Hello I guess kinda nervous ...heh...so yeah um I'm mainly a prospective writer kindly got influenced by the people here and on dva... so I hope I'm able to entertain any of you...

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Misunderstandings and New Translations

Dianne tried her hardest to force

the still sleeping elf out of her stomach

as she crou

ched at the edge of her small tub. Her heaves and

gags were pointless though, the efforts barely managed to

Enlightening Discovery

It had become an eventful day for the mountain goblin while she ran her apothecary. Patrons came and went, buying potions and herbs, but now the day was drawing to a close. Dianne watched with interest as the current patrons wandered about her herbs display. Some were fresh and whole, others dried and chopped. They weren’t looking for anything mystical

with the festival appro

One Stop Alchemy Shop

Galahad watched over the rolling hills


meadows as she approached the coast. She could already see the sea from here. Her undercarriage was still weighed down by her passenger, who fortunately went unnoticed by that scaled Imperial and his gaggle of


. While she could&

Fragile Packaging

Cirin grimaced as they continued searching the scribe’s quarters. The apprehensive man had kept quite an office. One so packed to the brim with writings, historical accounts, and other literature, that it was now lit by torchlight. Indeed, they’d spent many hours digging through here, long into the night. The stars twinkled from his window, making such an elegant show that Cirin would much rather be embracin

The Flight From Merin

Cirin watched with indignant fervor, having shook most of the concerns from the morning from his mind. He rapped his claws against the finely shaped cobblestone sill. The keep staff and the Duke’s loyal men were slowly being accounted for and judged accordingly. Most were being let off having been stripped of any equipment provided to them by their malignant vagabond of a leader. It all needed to be accounted

Heir By Unbirth

Pillars of smoke towered above the walls, filling the sky with an ominous grey. The dull roar of the surrounding army drowned out the relatively meager force milling about the courtyard. The injured from the shortly lived battle were so numerous that tents were erected in the center to house them all. Dark elven maids wandered the grounds, attending to the troops as best they could.

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