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Far in the future, humanity finally found a way to travel the stars and visit distant solar systems. But, it was not a particularly convenient way to get around, with a trip back and forth between a human base or colony and a potential inhabitable planet or moon taking more than a year in Earth time.

So, on most missions, it was not only common but considered the norm for women to get pregnant right before they left. Space trave

Scarlet made it back to her house and closed the door behind her with a loud grunt. She may have had an incredibly strong and athletic body, but there were limits even for her.

The fact that she was even able to stand up and move around without any help from another person was amazing in itself. Heck, even being able to stand with the kind of pregnant belly she had was a minor miracle.

Scarlet had it all, at least that’s what people would think from looking at her.

She was an absolutely gorgeous woman, both in her face in her body. She had the cheekbones and chin of a model, plus big, piercing amber eyes to match. Her hips were wide and curvy, making her thick ass cheeks really pop and stand out. She had natural H cup breasts that made women on the street ask her who her surgeon was because of just how g

It had been twenty years since John and Chloe were both unbirthed. John had a long time crush on Ashleigh, and hoped to get close to her through Chloe as a mutual friend, but he was not planning on getting

The three of them had a run in with a very talented and gorgeous serial unbirther in Nicole, this tall, super curvy Japanese woman with fiery red hair and mysterious deep blue eye

Carla spent the night with me again, only this time, at my place instead of hers. She brought a change of clothes, including clothes for her job. “Work on a Saturday?” I asked, still laying in bed as I watched her tie her hair back with her animal print headband.

“Hate to burst your bubble, but most people work on the weekend,” Carla said with a smirk. “It’s not all office jobs out there.&rdqu

I walked into the gym, my bag slung over my shoulder, against all my best advice. This gym had its designated days for pre-natal exercises and I was warned repeatedly, don’t go on these days. The pregnant women who go to this gym are…different.

Part of me didn’t believe the scare stories. Pregnant women had changed a lot since I was a kid, sure, but there was no reason to fear them. Larger litters, bigger curv

Aaron enjoyed his life with his two roommates, though there was one singular downside to it that loomed over his head.

Aaron lived in a home with two women, and they were both dazzlingly beautiful. There was Jennifer, his friend from before they started living together, and whom he had known since they were in elementary school together. Jennifer had matured into quite the beautiful woman, and before he realized it, Aaron was cl

Teila had been busy filling her womb up with more and more babies. Her dark brown skin was stretched out incredibly far as she made herself swell up with other couples’ children, now carrying them inside of her, with no stop in sight. She loved the feeling of being pregnant, of feeling all that kicking and commotion inside of her womb, and she loved the way she looked with this huge round baby bump in front of her.

But aft

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I mostly just use deviantart to post stories but I went through and uploaded all of the unbirth and unbirth-adjacent stories I've been commissioned over the past year.

Just a reminder that I do story commissions for unbirth and unbirth type stuff, as well as just pregnancy-centric stories. If you want to hire me for one, get ahold of me with a PM.

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Posted by Mancrer74 10 months ago Report

AHi, i just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. I don’t want to sound rude, but I would like to suggest you a possible story: female pregnant sumo. Wish you the best!


Posted by smog1 1 year ago Report

Just had a quick read of two of your recent uplaods. VERY kinky ;)

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Posted by Rimedane 1 year ago Report

I'll just say it here, but welcome back to Eka's. Glad to have you back. It's always a supreme pleasure reading your stories.


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To notabot

Oh okay. So do you write vore related content anymore? Or just pregnancy stories? Either way I do like your content, just like your vore content as well.

You really put a lot of heart into your work, and not just "nothing but sex" sort of effort. Your characters and interesting and fun, the settings are always something nice and unexpected. It's nice to read vore work that doesn't sound like a bad RP. If you know what I am saying. ^_^


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To notabot

Oh okay. Well that's a bummer. :(
I didn't know you had given up on Eka's. So are the ones on DA non-vore only now?


Posted by F1reDem0n 4 years ago Report

Are you no longer writing stories Notabot? I hope not, I do enjoy your content. q_q


Posted by 9kirby99 7 years ago Report

Hey there! Would you be up to trade?


Posted by DresdenQ 7 years ago Report

is there a reason there are four identical versions of Trouble in Paradise pt.3?


Posted by Goblingobler 7 years ago Report

I love your stories so much, I literally stay up all night reading them through! Especially The Invitation. Great plot.


Posted by lavichan 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To notabot

oh thats cool ^^ as a cosplayer if you want some ideas im more than willing to help


Posted by lavichan 8 years ago Report

whens the next story? any unbirth with cosplayers or mascots


Posted by Mid_Night 8 years ago Report

Hello Notabpt. love your works, I wonder what you have for new stories, I must I love Stepmom series and The Invitation series.

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