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I am a human who enjoys many types of vore. From Oral vore, Anal vore, Breast vore to even Unbirth, I enjoy it.

I enjoy writing, so if you have ideas of what you would like me to write. Then feel free to PM me.

I also 3D model, meaning I may upload 3D models in the near future.

I also am a gamer who likes many varieties of games, and I can even Stream if people are interested in watching.

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I am welcome to input on the idea's that I am about to list, though dramatic changes probably won't be considered. This is what I have so far for my new (and hopefully) permanent Fursona named Daragoth Vespear.

**A aquatic horse, with fins on forearms to assist with movement while in water.

**Has a chained necklace that holds a water sphere (bead) that holds a key to his heart. The key is made of liquid so that only the one who truly loves him will be able to hold the key without it falling through their fingers.

**Tail is bound by glass bands that hold his tail in a way that doesn't slow him down when in water. And at the end of his tail are two glass spheres that can contain either breathable air (for those who cannot breath under water), or just simple water.

**His neck mane (the...
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Posted by Gabriel0813 1 month ago

thanks for the fave


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Posted by Natalya 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch~! ♥


Posted by rojo55 1 month ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by JackNoName 1 month ago

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Do you write in other genres within other communities? Fetish or not I wouldn't mind taking a look at it ^^


Posted by PastaBoi 1 month ago

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It's ok. Ur welcome


Posted by IEatYouWhole 1 month ago

thanks for the favs ^^


Posted by ToasterBoi 2 months ago

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My avatar? Oh, I completely forgot! XD

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Posted by dragonjerky 2 months ago

Thank you very much for the watch! Much appreciated!


Posted by ToasterBoi 3 months ago

Nice avatar image. Big fan of Zelda TP!

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Posted by karps 3 months ago

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Normally I'm cool with any comments, even the comments written by dicks because I find them entertaining. BUT, there are people who aren't really intentionally dicks, but they comment- and they comment a lot- and frankly, sometimes said comments are REALLY unnecessary smelly not-well-thought-out comments. I don't want to call said people out (there's plenty of commenters who fit the bill) because they don't deserve it since they're not TRYING to be rude and it's hardly an issue. So a simple solution is just to not allow any comments on certain pics. My seadragon has gotten this unwanted treatment before, where I get a really nice piece and the work is undermined by not quite rude, more so awkward, comments. So I left comments off for just her.


Posted by karps 3 months ago

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I manually turned them off for those pics!

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