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All of my work is MACRO/MICRO. Other common, but not exclusive, kinks are: vore (soft), anal and vaginal insertion, crush/smother, breasts, butts, and cruel. My chapters can sometimes be long, with set-up, but I'm one of those weirdos that enjoys the plot line in a porno. Right now the bulk of my works are fanfiction, but I'm working on some OC stuff ("The Voracious Queen").

Though I'm not officially taking requests/commissions, I'd still love to hear your ideas for stories! If I like it, I may just be compelled to write something (that's what caused D.Va Ch. EX to happen).

I love to read your comments on my stories! Even if you just share "I nutted so much," I'm thrilled to know my work was successful. Or, even if you hated the story, let me know that too. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me anytime. I'm not very popular right now, so I always reply.

You can also find me on Giantess World:

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It had been nearly a month since Anon’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue. Though the ordeal had lasted only 53 minutes, the lingering effects had carried on far longer.

At first, Anon recoiled at any attempt to touch him, especially if it came unannounced. Thankfully, that hurdle was conquered in only a couple days. Chief among his reasons he recovered quickly? He desperately wanted to touch Raven again. He missed her tou

God, how long have I been inside this woman?

In his present state, namely the one where he’d been forcibly lodged inside of a woman he’d just met, Anon didn’t have much to do. Back at the tower, he tried to wriggle his way free, in fact he exhausted himself doing so, but only ended up making things worse. What was struggling to him, was foreplay to her. Every squirm and grunt he made was met wi

The trip back home from the fair took considerably longer than the one to get to it. The first trip they flew to their destination. A leisurely glide, slowed only to keep Anon from getting blasted by high winds. The return, however, they decided to walk. It was Anon’s idea, and it was a request Raven begrudgingly obliged. Her boots hadn’t done her feet any favors, so the last thing she wanted was to stay on them when she didn’t have to. Truthfully, Anon hadn’t considered

The trip to the county fair was a smooth one. Entirely due to Raven flying the whole way there. Her ability to glide always gave Anon a comfortable and safe ride. However, within the safety of her tight cleavage, she allowed herself to actually walk, once they were at the fair grounds. Beneficial to both of them, as she didn’t want to hover around in a crowd. No reason to draw more attention than a shrunken man in her tits would give her. Anon himself enjoyed the walking for the slight vib

After drying off from the shower, the two lovebirds got dressed. Despite their inner objections. Anon took very little time to get ready once he was parked in front of his miniaturized dresser. A dresser which sat on top of her dresser. All of his clothes were basic. Unassuming pants and unassuming t-shirts, covering up his unassuming underwear. They had found a way to fabricate clothes of his size, but neither of them were fashion designers. Hiring one (if they failed to find a friend to fill t

Anon awoke well rested and content. His head resting upon his pillow. His body also resting on said pillow. He was curled up in the center of it, effectively being in bed, without actually touching it. His body stretched out, moving the microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth from his body. With the obligatory first yawn of the morning out of the way, he turned himself to face his girlfriend, Raven.

He always reflected how lucky he w

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