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I enjoy vore.


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Aiden’s breath came out in quick, short gasps as panic welled up in his chest. He didn’t know where he was or how he got there, and there wasn’t any light to help him investigate. Just the dark. All he knew was that he wasn’t alone.

He could hear that there were about a dozen other people grouped around him and they were all breathing in similar panicked ways to him, clearly just as confused as he was.

It was a late morning inside Tolmeshal forest. The chill air was slowly getting warmer as the first beams of sunlight penetrated the thick treetops of the jungle. Animals of all sorts were already out and about, either searching for breakfast or embracing the sunlight. Birds could be heard chirping high up in the trees and the sky was clear except for a few fluffy clouds here and there.

Amidst the lively jungle, Subeta darted through the air. She

V.O.R.E’s Felarya Exploration Base, fifty klicks east of the Ur-Sargol ruins

Ammiras crouched down at the edge of the clearing and ran his hands through his dark hair in frustration. The sight in front of him was so distressing and disturbing that he was glad he was alone right now, he wouldn’t have known what to say if there was someone with him.

Ammiras and his looko

It was a bright, pleasant morning at the edge of Miragia Forest, some distance east

of Ur-Sagol. The thick foliage was alive with tiny birds twittering and fluttering away. A light breeze rustled playfully through the branches, while dappled rays of sunlight danced across the forest floor.

For all the picturesque beauty, Subeta was in th

Relative position






918°44 to Tauron-B.  Shinu System. Somewhere above the peninsula of Miragia Forest - 0900 Felaryan standard time.

The deafening and monotone noise of the  

Ammiras was looking through the tinted rear windows of his personal speeder, which was painted in mat black with some white highlights here and there. The skyline he was currently looking at belonged to the capital city of his home planet - Saravak-City. The vibrant metropolis in the heart of a vast industrial area was home to over 14 million people, making it the largest city on the planet. However, although the numerous skyscrapers were very impressive, the image of the city was clearly depres

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