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Casual writer that does both vore and non-vore smut. Likes big monsters and giantesses eating helpless women. Happy to edit any work you PM me (within reason), taking a look at it, fixing up errors and that sort of stuff. Don't be afraid to critique me as well, I'll love to hear how I can improve. Feel free to copy any of my work, edit and rewrite it as much as you want, so long as you credit me for it if you post it publicly.

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The Big Sell
A Commission Written By Vivid Lucidity
In a normal town, in a normal place, in a normal time of year, a normal pair of mother and daughter had a normal day as they walked down the street. Everything was normal. Anna was a normal 21-year-old girl, with short brown hair, a meek stature, and freckles dotted across her cheeks. Her earrings sparkled in the sunlight. She wore nothing more than jeans, a loose top, and running shoes.
Beside her was her mother, Lily, who was slightly taller

By Vivid Lucidity
With Partial Translations by Halcyon!
October 20th, 2077 - Planet Rykon of the Andromeda System
There was no sugarcoating it. Things had fucked up, royally, and Yumi knew it.
Yumi Kaneda's chest heaved as she sprinted down the hallways on a distant world, watching the walls coated with alien viscera convulse around her. Her helmet was scratched and dented, her armour vest was littered with scratch marks and embedded barbs, while her radio sparked and fizzled uselessly. H

Vivid LucidityInspired and checked by DrachenFyr. Thanks
look at those French fucks burn!"
are you worried about? You, go out and find the crew, see if they
survived! We ransom them, we'll be set for life guys!"
you signed up for raiding an island filled with dinosaurs, you
expected the unexpected. But shooting down a French observation plane
with a Chinese anti-air

First Frog Feeding
Prequel to “Frog Feeding”
Vivid Lucidity
tits will never be as big as mine!” Alice jeered.
we’ll see about that, airhead!” yelled Elizabeth in reply.
and Elizabeth bickered as they walked side by side along the river’s
edge. The wide river snaked lazily, with the two girls side being a
nice, peaceful forest, while the other was a dark, foreboding swamp.
The kind of swamp monsters lived in. But the monsters never left

Disposal Story
to DrachenFyr for some feedback on it.
has got some heavy scat in it people. Like really heavy. It is
nothing but a dragon disposing of waste. That’s it. No eating,
nothing. Just disposal. You have been warned…
trembled and fell as Vandae The Great thundered through the forest,
his slow, gentle stroll through the woods shaking the ground itself
like an earthquake. Vandae was a large dragon, with the forest’s
tall oaks only coming up to his head. His

Up On Aisle Tiny
by the lovely Mistress, owner of the lovely size difference vore
Discord server: “The Kitsune’s Stomach”With
Special Thanks to AlluringPredation For Giving Feedback!
Vivid Lucidity
cocktails were Clarisa's favourite kind of cocktails, so when she ran
out of them, well, she could get a bit cranky. Her prim and proper
blouse groaned at the seams as she walked down to the local
super-market, desperate to taste more of that sweet, sweet

Vivid Lucidity
and slay this foul beast, my fellow hunters! Charge!" Gwendolyn
screamed as she held her sword and shield aloft and sprinted towards
the monster. Her tall, muscular and naked body glistened in the
swamp’s fleeting light as she charged, her long, fiery red hair
flapping in the wind. Mud squelched between her toes as she charged
it head on, but she didn't care, thinking only of slaying the foul
beast with complete ease.
her was her group of

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Today on Bite Sized Interviews, we’ll be taking with “ItsSomething”, a notable vore writer who funnily enough, came to me to begin with! And what can I say, I do enjoy satisfying people’s desires to be interviewed. Let’s begin with our second interview.

Vivid Lucidity:
So, let’s start off with you shall we? Tell the audience about yourself, who you and what you do in the field of vore.

Well, I'm a writer, as you said. I started off writing Touhou and Monster Girl Quest fics, but over time I've been moving more and more into OC interactions. I used to be a role-player, as well, mostly on Facebook - but I was given the banhammer one tok many times to bother going back. Haven't had much time to RP since then, sadly.

Vivid Lucidity:
Ah, a modern tragedy...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by OsmiumOrchid 17 hours ago

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Probably eventually! I have a few notes saved for both a new chapter of Gwen's misadventures and a tangentially related story set in the same universe, just not sure when I'll get around to actually writing them.


Posted by Spookums 1 month ago

<< Reply To VividLucidity

lol I messed up and commented on the wrong profile. sorry.


Posted by Spookums 1 month ago

thank you for the watch


Posted by MaximumFlufficus 2 months ago

<< Reply To VividLucidity

Well to be perfectly honest I hadn't come across you or any of your stories until you posted your dog-girl story, it struck all the right spots for me and the writing was impressive to say the least so I took a quick glance at what other stories you had posted and based on what you posted I just kinda figured I'd follow you ^^ Hope you publish more content though, I'll be looking forward to when you eventually do!


Posted by Slimshod 2 months ago

<< Reply To VividLucidity

That's slightly unfortunate. I'm Happy to provide feedback and comments on works bc I know it goes a long way with creatives.


Posted by Slimshod 2 months ago

I think Frog Feeding and the brief preview is what got my attention.


Posted by Slimshod 2 months ago

<< Reply To VividLucidity

The story "Spoils of War" by Halcyon got my attention so I followed them. I poked around your works and wanted to read what you had so I followed you as well. I haven't had a chance to read anything yet but I'll be sure to leave faves and comments on things I do enjoy.


Posted by Furtronny 2 months ago

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Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I think I would have preferred bit more licking. But that's just me.


Posted by Rhysion 3 months ago

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A link was posted on the kitsune's stomach.


Posted by ouphe 3 months ago

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That pred with female prey and digestion... It's a lure :)


Posted by violetrose39 4 months ago

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Yea I’m a huge fan


Posted by VeryBatty 5 months ago

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good point.

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