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Something Odd Posted 2 years ago
While I'm a week or so late on this, better late than never to mention this. Something odd has happened, readers, something very odd indeed on my profile.

Tracer's Size Power Story has become my most popular story, in terms of views at least. Why is this odd? Because it has zero vore in it. None at all. I'm on Eka's Portal, a vore site, and my most popular piece is a non vore one? That's very odd indeed!

What's even odder is that it beat out Let Loose The Dog Girls of War to get to that top spot. With same size oral vore, big bellies, sex, F/F and unwilling prey, that's one of the standard forms of vore ever!

How truly bizarre. And now you are all aware of it.

How odd.

Only thing odder is that I made this silly, rambly...
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A Vivid Lucidity and Halcyon Collaboration Posted 2 years ago
Hi all!
I'm just letting you all know about a collaboration between the super talented Halcyon ( and I that will be released soon. I don't have an exact date, but it'll be coming out in the following weeks. It's a vore story that we've both written back and forth, and trust me, you don't want to miss it.

There's sex, reformation, a competition, and so much vore.
Consider this a teaser to get you all hyped up for the full thing when it does release~
Let Loose The Dog (Girls) of War: Author's Commentary Posted 3 years ago
Hey all!

I've decided to do something a little different, and write up an "author's commentary" for my most popular story (as of yet). I've never really seen such a thing be done at all in vore work, so I've decided to go ahead and do this neat little project. It was fun! I always love to peek behind the curtains per se, to see what goes on in the production of something, so maybe you'll all like it too!

And I'd like to write another one of these later on. Perhaps you could give a suggestion on which story I should do it for, hmm?

(I couldn't get the attachment to work for the blog, so here's a link to the file)
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Bite Sized Interviews - An Interview With Author 'ItsSomething' Posted 3 years ago
Today on Bite Sized Interviews, we’ll be taking with “ItsSomething”, a notable vore writer who funnily enough, came to me to begin with! And what can I say, I do enjoy satisfying people’s desires to be interviewed. Let’s begin with our second interview.

Vivid Lucidity:
So, let’s start off with you shall we? Tell the audience about yourself, who you and what you do in the field of vore.

Well, I'm a writer, as you said. I started off writing Touhou and Monster Girl Quest fics, but over time I've been moving more and more into OC interactions. I used to be a role-player, as well, mostly on Facebook - but I was given the banhammer one tok many times to bother going back. Haven't had much time to RP since then, sadly.

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Bite Sized Interviews - An Interview with 'Mistress' Posted 3 years ago
I’ve started a new series called “Bite Sized Interviews”, in which I interview prominent members of the vore community. Artists, authors, animators, server owners and the like. My first interview was with Mistress, the owner of the size difference vore server “The Kitsune’s Stomach”. For those interested, an invite to the server is here:

I'll be interviewing other prominent members later.
With that out of the way, let’s begin the interview.

Vivid Lucidity:
Hello, welcome Mistress, thank you for joining me on the first instance (I really can't think of a better name. I don't think 'Edition' fits. I'm a smut writer, not a newspaper owner!) of Bite...
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Change of Avatar Posted 3 years ago
As some of you might have noticed, I've changed my avatar from a naga named Xia (which was done by the lovely glitchmode over on Furaffinity), to this rainbow grid.
Some of you may be wondering why I've done such a thing.

Allow me to explain.

You see, I was getting messages asking about her, and it was clear that people were seeing her as my 'OC'. Now of course, I created her as a character, hence making her as an Original Character, but I didn't want her to be seen as my OC. I didn't want to be seen as Xia, a naga, I wanted to be seen as Vivid Lucidity, a smut writer. So that's why I changed. To sort of 'get out' of the whole OC business that I never really wanted to be a part of to begin with. I don't want to restrict myself to individual characters like...
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A New Interactive Story (that's not by me~) Posted 3 years ago
Hey you! Yes, you right there! Reading this page right now on your computer or your phone or your television or whatever.

Tell me, are you feeling ... ... ... ... hungry?

If so, well then we've got the treat for you!

Come on down to the lovely Darwin Diner on 555 Demi U Lane, where we're sure to have a meal you're looking for. We serve live preys of all kinds, like fairies, mermaids, humans and much, much more. Pull up a chair, have a meal, or if you're feeling brave enough, hop on a plate yourself. We're always looking for fresh meat in our business!

If you come around, make sure to say hi to your local, friendly staff! Say hello to head chef, the amazing, exceptionally talented Halcyon, or even me, Vivid Lucidity, if you get the...
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A New Collaboration Posted 3 years ago
Hello everyone! And by everyone I mean the 8 people that are currently watching me right now.

Anyway, I'm making this first blog-post to let you all know I've started collaborating with an artist on FA. They draw the pictures, and I write the short stories they can put in their descriptions. It isn't vore smut, but it's smut, and I'm happy to do it.
Their name is glitchmode / Rage and Grace, you can find them here:

And, they've just posted our first piece here: