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I write vore and giantess fetish stories, with varying degrees of smuttiness.

When I first got into vore I was very young and I only liked the non-fatal side of things, but as I got older my preferences became more diverse and extreme, so don't be surprised if you see both very gentle and very brutal stories from me.

Aside from that, I like female preds, excessive gluttony or belly stuffing, weight gain (if there's digestion), and gas (burping more-so than farting). I don't really like scat, but I'll write it if it feels appropriate for the scenario.

I like giantess stuff outside of vore, but when vore's not involved I overwhelmingly prefer gentle interaction. I'll write cruel interaction if it suits the story, though.

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a Dare
want me to do what?"
Caitlin peered down at her friend incredulously from her seat on the
lay on her back, folded up in a sleeping bag on the floor. She looked
up at the robust blonde from the corners of her eyes. "It's...
look, I saw it on the internet, and it does
sound crazy," she brought her arms up, gesturing as if to shield
her argument, "But I want to try it. Just as a prank. Think of
the look on your brothers face!"

Nathaniel peeked out from his hole and looked around the living room.
As he expected, Melissa -- the owner of this house -- was sitting on
the couch. She held a glass of wine and seemed to be crying, which
explained the noise that had drawn him out in the first place. He'd
never heard a human cry before, and with her smeared makeup, reddened
eyes, and hastily undone blouse, Melissa was quite a sorry sight. He
felt bad for her -- she seemed like a sweet lady, not someo

fidgeted against the manacles on her wrists as she shuffled behind
her new owners. The sun shone down on them mercilessly, and the fresh
sweat on her dirty skin was making her itch. The air was hot and
choking, made worse by the dust kicked up off the steep trail by
their movement. It was a miserable afternoon, but the weather was not
what bothered her the most. Nina still didn't know what she or the
other slave -- a gaunt looking man with a shaved head -- had been

the light slowly dimmed on his computer monitor, Jack came face to
face with his shadowy reflection, its blank stare haunting and
distant. He was paralyzed, both mind and body – he could not tear
his gaze away from the screen any more than he could stop thinking
about what he'd seen.
Courtney, precious Courtney, the stuffer girl-next-door he'd followed
and admired since her earliest shows, had murdered an innocent woman
– on camera, no less! And those sick fuck

stared down her adversary on the dusty fields outside of Cherim. A
fellow titan, Dorn was the ruler and guardian of this city, come to
challenge her invasion. Confident in her abilities, she gladly
accepted his offer to duel for control of Cherim. Forgoing a pitched
battle would keep the ranks of her army full, and ensure the
unscathed city was ripe for looting.
the two titans paced circles in the dirt, thousands of people looked
on, keeping a healthy distance to av

Paris Incident
sat at her laboratory desk, idly flicking through holographic slides
with the capacitive dial on the console. She was reviewing experiment
notes, or at least she was supposed to be. In reality she was deep in
thought, mulling through the latest puzzle her research in biotics
had created.
goal was to use the nanites implanted in her own body – the ones
that kept her healthy and young, and even healed her in heat of
battle – to help her work on patients in

took a swig of beer and drummed her fingers on her gut impatiently.
She was hungry, and, disappointingly, the apartment she was
babysitting at had almost nothing to eat. Free food was the best part
of the gig, after all. Her flabby orb of a belly groaned again,
sending a pang of hunger up into Patricia's chest. She decided enough
was enough and heaved herself off the couch. As she rose, the young,
thumb-sized boy sitting on the coffee table gave her a nervous glance

are you
here?” Camille asked the familiar-looking girl standing next to her
in the parking lot. She could already guess why Vivian Sterne –
their school's self-appointed moral guardian – might be here this
morning, but she held out hope that Vivian might be on a different
errand than what brought her to this corner of the school that
blonde girl turned towards her and huffed, “I'm here because as the
sole member of the 'Students for the Rights of Tiny Peop

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Oh no, he's dead


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I feel that man. Hopefully you've found some time recently. I've been writing a bit more since all this cover shit started, would love to chat on the side some time if you're down! ^-^


Posted by Ty975 1 year ago Report

How've you been ya hooligan? Anything new in the works?


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That was pretty awesome man! Nice and sweet, very stoked about your special brand of gentle preds ^-^


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Yo fam! Love your material :)
Anything in the works?


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Thank you so much man I hope you have a good day


Posted by DespairOfV 2 years ago Report

If you don't mind me asking what happened to your On the Dare story.


Posted by Xidas 2 years ago Report

Just wanted to say you do some consistently excellent work. Really appreciate it!


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No problem! Also a fan of your stuff since I'd seen the pastebin, was surprised I hadn't found you on here yet.

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