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Just another part-time amateur writer who spent years lurking on Eka's before finally making a profile to try sharing some of my own content. A lot of my ideas here ends up focusing pretty heavily on endo stuff and I tend to shy away from hard vore and graphic digestion but, beyond that, anything goes for a good story. Outside of smut, I also enjoy fantasy and sci-fi settings, so I would love to integrate those interests a bit more in the future. If you're here because you liked something I wrote or want to check out my account, I really appreciate the support. Cheers! <3

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Eight Ball in the Pussy Pocket
Nick watched in dismay as the giant orb came rolling towards him, travelling so quickly that its white stripes seemed to blur with the darker violet. When it struck, it was thankfully only a glancing blow, but it was enough to send him reeling inside his own protective sphere. The chamber spun unpredictably, throwing him onto his back every time he tried to stand, but eventually it came to a stop against one of the low barrier walls. The trapped man clambere

A Late Night at the OfficeCasey took a long, satisfying sip from his coffee mug. It wasn’t a particularly good brew – lukewarm after sitting for hours in the pot and with a frankly sour aftertaste – but damn if it didn’t taste all the sweeter at the end of a long day at the office. It was one of those rare days where everything just fell into place. Files had been filed, copies had been copied, mail had been mailed, and spreadsheets had been… spread? Something like that

The Escape RoomDale and his wife, Ellen, had developed something of an addiction.It had started out innocently enough. A group of friends, old buddies from Dale’s college years, had invited them for a night on the town at the local escape room. The whole concept had sounded stupid at the time and he had really tried his best to weasel out of it, but his wife had convinced him to give it a try. And he had gotten hooked.That had been months ago, and now the couple regularly spent their weeke

Switching Things UpThings between Erin and Thomas had become… awkward.The hours he had spent safely hidden away in Erin’s underwear drawer had been the first alone time Thomas had truly had to himself after several hours of receiving – only somewhat willingly – a full crash course on the literal ins and outs of his best friend’s body. In the heat of the moment, a lot of what had happened had been alright, pleasurable even, and he knew he would be revisiting a few partic

The Morning AfterIt was a totally normal Monday morning at Cherryford University.The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and several thousand students were in various phases of getting ready for another week of classes.Sure, Erin was still somewhat hungover from the weekend, but the headache had more or less gone away and the last of the alcohol had left her system. She was also more than a bit sleep deprived, but a quick stop by the campus café had left her feeling refreshed and ready fo

Swallow the Key“Come on!” Erin shouted from the other end of the hallway. She barely turned back to make sure Thomas was still following before rounding the corner and once more disappearing out of sight. A moment’s hesitation and then she called again, even more distantly, “I promise I know what I’m doing!”As the sound of voices faded further behind him, Thomas realized he wasn’t so sure about that anymore.Tonight, of course, was the night of Cherryford University&rsqu

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Cerise's Blog - Eight Weeks Later Posted 2 months ago

Remember that thing I said about releasing one story a week for eight weeks? Hah.

In my defense, I'm five for eight as of today and I *did* do some other non-vore writing in the meantime. If you add it all up, I probably came out with the equivalent of eight stories in the time I allotted for myself, but only about half of it ended up posted here. I also currently have several half finished works in progress; mostly endo-focused concepts that I got about half a dozen pages into each when inspiration struck and then never got back to after I put it down.

Funny thing about motivation: it never seems to be there when you have the free time, especially for something like niche erotica that really requires the right mood to work on. It's probably not a huge surprise...
[ Continued ... ]

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No problem! Always happy to see more fun college vore writing, especially with a wholesome twist.


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Yer welcome!


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Thanks for the watch by the way!

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Thanks for your stories! They're worth a watch!


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No problem, I can't wait to see more of what you make :). Also, welcome to Eka's, I hope you have fun here :D


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