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Just a part-time hobby writer who writes niche vore erotica between other projects. Sometimes it's even good. Always looking to experiment with ideas I don't see often, especially now that I've got a bit more experience under my belt. I personally prefer the predator role myself, particularly for RPs, even though most of my stories are told from a predominantly prey POV. It's a bit like roleplaying with the reader, but don't overthink that.

New uploads on Sundays. Not every Sunday - not even close - but any Sunday. That way you always know when to look for me. Cerise Sundays.

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A Volunteer from the Audience
The little applause light above the stage clicked on, bright red, a second before the spotlights above cast out to the audience. I put on my best ‘thrilled audience member’ face and clapped until the lights flicked back and the sign flicked off.
It’s not that the appeal was lost on me, not exactly, but there was no way I could match Emma’s enthusiasm. Since her aunt had started working with the backstage crew, she’d been participating i

In Her Keeping

“Okay, so what was your plan here again?” Justin turned his head to look up at his wife, Amy, who smiled warmly back down at him. She was dressed in her light blue bathrobe, long hair still dripping wet.
He pressed his hands against the clear plastic surface around him, trying to maneuver his half-naked body around in the cramped cylinder to a position where he might be able to get a better look at her. He wasn’t successful. “Well,” he started, &ldq

Dinner With Friends
I think I may have fucked up.
Or maybe not.
I’m still trying to figure it out myself, so you tell me.
Just for a little background to this story: I’m a small person, one of the millions of early converts to the shrinking process commonly known as ‘downsizing’. Whenever people ask, I say I did it for environmental reasons – to do my part and reduce my ‘carbon footprint’ and all that – but it was mostly just a practical decision t

Keeping Him Close
“Mmmm Justin,” she hummed to herself, only half awake and still fully committed to the pleasant afterglow of the wonderful dream she had been having.
Her body was sore, but sore in the best way possible. She could still feel the enduring traces her husband’s touch had left on – and in – her body and recalled with dreamy clarity that peerless sensation of warmth and fullness at the core of her sexual being. With half-lidded eyes, she glanced down on

Keeping the Spark Alive
In truth, he was beginning to feel a little silly.
He looked around. Flower petals were scattered everywhere, apparently not content to stay where he had left them for long with the fan blowing, even at its lowest setting. He was wearing his best for her, but his best had turned out to be a polo shirt and khakis because they had never bothered to buy more formal wear since his resizing. Silly indeed, but there was no point trying to pack it up now. Amy said she would be h

Last Minute Packing
“This isn’t going to work.” Hannah insisted, leaning with her back against the wall closest to the door. On the other side of the cramped bathroom, her friend Mara was busily digging through their luggage, which she had opened onto the foldout table that was built into the wall.
Without looking up from what she was doing, the other girl shook her head emphatically. “I am not paying $70. I don’t see why we can’t have three carry-ons given ho

Eight Ball in the Pussy Pocket (Pred Perspective)
It was Initiation Night at Rosewood College. A normal Saturday for most of the campus, perhaps (though the social scene at Rosewood wasn’t bad even outside of Greek Life), but the end of a long Rush Week for the members of Eta Alpha Tau and Upsilon Beta, the university’s most (in)famous fraternity and sorority, respectively.
Even under normal circumstances, Initiation Night had earned a bit of bad rap for its hazing practices and, to

Eight Ball in the Pussy Pocket
Nick watched in dismay as the giant orb came rolling towards him, travelling so quickly that its white stripes seemed to blur with the darker violet. When it struck, it was thankfully only a glancing blow, but it was enough to send him reeling inside his own protective sphere. The chamber spun unpredictably, throwing him onto his back every time he tried to stand, but eventually it came to a stop against one of the low barrier walls. The trapped man clambere

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I was adjusting settings on my profile when I realized I've never actually checked on this with anyone...

The pink theme on my profile pages looks okay, right? I take it for granted since I set it up the same day I created my profile and it's been my landing page for Eka's for over a year now. But custom themes on this site are so hit or miss and I'm pretty sure none of the 'misses' realize what they've done. Bless their hearts. Anyway, I feel obligated to at least make sure it doesn't look wonky on screens that aren't my old laptop monitor. I promise I won't be offended.

Also, just so this counts as a proper blog: I passed 100 watchers last month and neglected to post anything about it, but hey, better late than never. If you're reading this and you're one of...
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Glad to see you keeping up with a story every now and then!


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Absolutely! Your work is incredible, I really like object vore, size diff, and soft oral vore so a lot of your stories have hit all the marks for me. Keep it up! Hope to see more in the Erin and Thomas series soon!


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No problem! Thank you for sharing your wholesome writing with us!
I hope to see a Full-Tour at some point should you be up for it!

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No problem! Always happy to see more fun college vore writing, especially with a wholesome twist.


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Thanks for your stories! They're worth a watch!


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