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Soft, loving pressure, warm caresses, rippling motions on her legs... Miranda moaned, then gave little gasp as a tongue teased across the tops of her feet. Mmmmm!Slowly her legs oozed out, squeezed up her girlfriend's throat, and she wriggled. Doing it like this was, odd, but very nice. She sighed as her legs slicked smoothly from between those dainty lips, and her body started to squeeze up into the tight embrace of Christie's throat.Panting hard she was drawn out, Christie's own muscles doing

Al sat at the dinner table, looking perfectly normal... as he felt a girl squirming in his underwear. He sighed, toying with his breakfast. He'd been going to go for bacon, but in the end went for hotdogs and scrambled eggs. Would have preferred Kebassi but didn't have any in. So far he'd barely eaten one, toying with his meal on the plate. He glanced up at the glass of OJ he had there, blinking. Slowly he looked up, the straw he'd placed there on purpose.... then down."Uh, Sandra? You... wanted

Laying there in bed, Sandra curled into a ball between his thighs, he just tried to figure out what to do with his life. This was so strange. He was starting to really like Sandra... maybe partly just due to overprotectiveness? Perhaps, but she was so vulnerable, sweet... and had a real temper when needed. Helped that she hadn't aimed it at him at least.He could hear her soft breathing, asleep again it seemed. It was still the middle of the night and he was tired too... and he realized that the

Al really tried to be a gentleman about this, but it was hard. Literally. Gently he held Sandra against his chest carefully, her still sniffling a bit, and carried her over to the sink. Then looked down. She might be a little too big to use the sink as a bath."Uh, OK, don't think that's gonna work." He muttered with a sigh."I'll... just use the shower." Sandra said dejectedly. "You'll... have to do the controls. I can't reach them."Despite how she looked, and the obviousness of his reaction to h

The walk home was... awkward to say the least. At first Al couldn't make it more than three steps before his balls started to rock against each other, making him gasp from the tickling, sensitive pressure almost bouncing out of him down there. Then of course when she squirmed in there... Yeah. This was getting intense.After a few tries though he managed to get a normalish gait, one hand pressing his puffy jacket bottom down around his groin with one hand. It sort of cushioned things on his groin

"I know, I know. I just don't get any reception in the mall! I'm sorry." Mark said as he saw his mother in the kitchen. Sally hanging beside him awkwardly.Mom sighed and shook her head."I'm not angry at you Mark. This... is awkward. You remember I told you the Biot program was an outgrowth of the prosthetics system? Specifically growing organ replacements, mostly limbs? Well, when I..." She closed her eyes. "Took a sample to work of Sally," She said, purposely ignoring the glare he gave her, "I

The tap of sandles on stone echoed along with the softer pad of leather shoes, the latter being far richer in make, festooned with jewels and gold filigree. Ester felt a little sick seeing that show of weath, along with the richly made shirt, finely crafted jacket and pantaloons the officious oaf was wearing. This town did not, should not, have that kind of wealth. It's population was barely ten thousand. True still large in the wilds out here, but nothing compared to a true city of the East."It

Christie was torn. After her... in depth, and frankly rather embarrassing, discussion with Lilly, she'd made some lasagna and the two of them had a fairly quiet meal. That alone was an indicator. Lilly rarely shut up during dinner, and this time Christie caught her sister staring at her tummy several times.Yeah, this was weird, but... she brushed a hand across her midrift, feeling the heft, the... fullness in there. It was so odd that she couldn't really tell a whole girl was inside her. She sti

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Posted by NightRoller 3 months ago Report

Thanks for yet another favorite Gimlet, this time on “Sleepy Latina Meal”. It felt good to knock my writing rust off and I’m glad it was so well enjoyed.

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Posted by AnotherKinkyWriter 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! You've got some good stuff as well!


Posted by DreamEater 5 months ago Report

Thanks for reading!


Posted by SeekGr 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!! x3

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Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

Furthermore, thank you for the watch! Enjoy my stories~

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Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

Hey Gimlet, glad and honored you liked my story, enough to favorite a while ago.
Keep reading, it's purportedly a healthy pastime!

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Posted by Ohgra 1 year ago Report

hey thanks for the watch! your gallery really takes me back <3


Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

One of my best works (Eaten in the Everglades) has been mentioned to be similar to one of yours (to which I'm proud and curious), specifically ones to do with snakes getting stuck on wide hips. I'm curious, because your story was good and I'm at a point where I would enjoy more like it, to ask what sort of stories of the ones you've uploaded are some of your best/favorites?

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Posted by VoidInVoid 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


Posted by Amberain 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Gimlet

No offense, but the very few times I've put money into accessing fetish or porn content, I've always been disappointed in what I've received, and I'm quite hesitant to do it to begin with, because IRL I'm still very much "in the closet" about what I'm interested in, and don't want to leave a bunch of financial transactions leading back to it. So even though you're one of my favorite authors, I still don't think I'd be interested, sorry.


Posted by Gimlet 1 year ago Report

OK, apparently Eka's doesn't allow (a text to speech system) to be posted as it's not 'my work'. I'm not sure how to feel about that, especially as I only found this out after finishing an Audio Vore piece I just made. Now I can't post it here.
I have been thinking for some time about setting up a Patreon for stories I write, especially to force me to write more. I'd be interested if anyone here would consider such worthwhile for my stuff or not? I doubt I'll do much Audio Vore stuff, it'd be mostly stories, but what are people's take on this kind of thing?


Posted by marloweny 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Some of your stories were what got me writing to begin with!

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