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Christie was torn. After her... in depth, and frankly rather embarrassing, discussion with Lilly, she'd made some lasagna and the two of them had a fairly quiet meal. That alone was an indicator. Lilly rarely shut up during dinner, and this time Christie caught her sister staring at her tummy several times.Yeah, this was weird, but... she brushed a hand across her midrift, feeling the heft, the... fullness in there. It was so odd that she couldn't really tell a whole girl was inside her. She sti

Julie entered the lab, her passcode and card gaining her access despite the lateness of the day. The guard at the entrance had barely nodded at her, she was so often coming in at odd hours lately. But this was important!Settling down at her analysis bench she clicked on the sampler, the main routing system, the access to the database and the DNA sequencer. This might take a little while. She brought her mobile cellular analyzer out and plugged into the table top sampler. With a whir a tiny sampl

A splash awoke Miranda and she squirmed, then the world squeezed around her. A burp resonated and the small pocket of air on her face was rapidly replaced with flesh, squishing in. Just before she was smooshed up against it she gargled... 'Air-umph!'There was a jerk, then a noisy couple of gulps. Fresh cool air popped in about her face and she sighed."Ooh, thanks." She licked and found what had splashed her. A soda, not one she was keen on either. "Oh, Doctor Pepper? Um, do you like Coke? I coul

Miranda was woken by a yawn, an incredibly infectious, loud yawn that flowed and billowed all around her.She yawned herself automatically, then felt her confines squish, pinching in a bit. She blinked, feeling her knees tightly pressed either side of her chest. OK that was... odd.Then she remembered where she was. Inside Christie. She gasped as her world flew backwards, tilting and rolling as Christie sat up in bed."Mmmmm, that was a nice dream." Came the gentle murmur from all around her.Miran

Miranda panted, darting along the boardwalk, glancing occasionally over her shoulder. She ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, her pursuer hot on her trail. Finally, dodging around a corner, she saw a bookshop door and darted inside, ducking down behind the window sill.Peering around the edge of the door she saw Harry run past, giftbox still in his hand, little pink bow flapping in the wind as he ran."MIRANDA! Come back, I love you!""Ungh!" She grunted, once she was sure he was gone.

Mark sat, a little dazed, on the edge of his bed, staring at his door. He heard an odd, muted and distorted sniffle in his belly, and pressed a hand against it."It's OK Sally. I'm not going to let her do anything to you." He said, staring hard at the door."I... did I something wrong?" She sniffled in there. "Changing my protocol response?""No. Not at all. You're just improving yourself." He hesitated. "Might want to run by further changes with me first. I... I suspect mom... and others, might n

In his room Mark just... stared. Sally was twirling around like a school girl, looking down as the dress flicked out about her, giggling and smoothing it down. Not that it wasn't already smooth, and... tight. She'd seemed really happy he'd help her dress, and had laughed as he'd fondled her butt, squeezing it as the two of them pulled the dress around her. He couldn't help it, and then, when she'd had difficulty packing her rather large chest (for her size anyway) into the dress he'd just... hel

************Standby mode cancelled.Sugar absorption cycle complete.Energy at 76%. Estimate runtime 13hrs (high metabolic rate) 21hrs (low metabolic rate)Expanding musculature.Loosening tegument.Expanding internal solidity."YAAAAWWWN!"Sally contemplated her position, currently squished into a very comfy twelve inch by eight inch by six inch ball, nicely tucked into her owner's container.It was difficult to yawn when she was squished like this, but she made the effort, and heard an deep vibrating

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Posted by SeekGr 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!! x3

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Furthermore, thank you for the watch! Enjoy my stories~

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Posted by NightRoller 3 months ago Report

Hey Gimlet, glad and honored you liked my story, enough to favorite a while ago.
Keep reading, it's purportedly a healthy pastime!

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Posted by Ohgra 3 months ago Report

hey thanks for the watch! your gallery really takes me back <3


Posted by NightRoller 8 months ago Report

One of my best works (Eaten in the Everglades) has been mentioned to be similar to one of yours (to which I'm proud and curious), specifically ones to do with snakes getting stuck on wide hips. I'm curious, because your story was good and I'm at a point where I would enjoy more like it, to ask what sort of stories of the ones you've uploaded are some of your best/favorites?

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Posted by VoidInVoid 8 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


Posted by Amberain 9 months ago Report

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No offense, but the very few times I've put money into accessing fetish or porn content, I've always been disappointed in what I've received, and I'm quite hesitant to do it to begin with, because IRL I'm still very much "in the closet" about what I'm interested in, and don't want to leave a bunch of financial transactions leading back to it. So even though you're one of my favorite authors, I still don't think I'd be interested, sorry.


Posted by Gimlet 9 months ago Report

OK, apparently Eka's doesn't allow (a text to speech system) to be posted as it's not 'my work'. I'm not sure how to feel about that, especially as I only found this out after finishing an Audio Vore piece I just made. Now I can't post it here.
I have been thinking for some time about setting up a Patreon for stories I write, especially to force me to write more. I'd be interested if anyone here would consider such worthwhile for my stuff or not? I doubt I'll do much Audio Vore stuff, it'd be mostly stories, but what are people's take on this kind of thing?


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Some of your stories were what got me writing to begin with!


Posted by Squiddicus 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


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Thanks for watching! It really means a lot!

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You got it, I'm fed up with and ready to post some content

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