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was a blast of light, swirling for a second then...
writhed on the floor of this... cave?... his calf in unbearable
agony, but somehow it didn't want to move much. Struggling to control
it he found the pain diminishing fairly quickly. After only a few
seconds he was just panting hard and struggling against the mere pain
of maybe a grating broken bone.
shit that hurt!" He mumbled.
me about it." came a very feminine voice t

& Co
about that?” Arthur said pointing at an engine block.
guy in leather snorted, spat, squinted at the engine for a few
glanced around seeing quite a lot of hardware in this junk yard. The
engine seemed large for the price... as long as it worked, but might
do. He was planning on building himself a ultralight aircraft for
some fun and probably some work too. Hey he could do with some better
transport right now.
he perused the 'esta

had been a long day.
was getting really sick of listening to peoples niggles. It wouldn’t
be quite so bad if they had REAL problems. Most of the cases that
came to her were husbands angst ridden about cheating on their wives,
people worrying if their sexual fantasies meant they were ‘perverts’
and other ‘straightforward’ cases. She wished she could get some
of the really interesting individuals with multiple personality
disorder or something, anything! She was also beginning t

was NOT what Andrea had in mind for her vacation!
thick forrest gave a dim gloom to the air around her, the mix of
background noise coming from the forrest animals added to the
atmosphere along with the high humidity. Right now she’d have given
anything for a nice dark, quiet, cool bath to drift in. Instead she
was half deafened by insects, birds and animals, her clothes sticking
to her from her own sweat, and the gloom faded in and out, shards of
light spearing through the trees that

he awoke he was startled by a face peering down at him. It was its
size more than anything that shocked him fully awake, being less than
an inch from brow to chin, connected to a lithe female form barely
five inches tall.
apparition (he dare not use the word ‘fairy’) Hovered less than a
foot from his face, hands on her drawn up knees, translucent wings
spread wide behind her. Why weren’t they flapping?
seemed to look him up and down, then a normal female voice said.

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Thanks for the Watch :D


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Hey there! Just wanted to say I loved your stories, especially Harriet planegirl one. Here's to hoping a wave of inspiration hits you man!


Posted by slyfoxxl 3 years ago Report

Did you remove a few of your stories recently?


Posted by FemKeroroTheDevourer 5 years ago Report

Fem!Keroro: *She smiles*

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I see.Well, please keep doing what you love! :)


Posted by Indighost 6 years ago Report

Just curious, plan on writing anything new this year? I've really loved your stories so far :)


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

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Thanks for the compliment ~ I feel I might know what you mean! Too many time's I've clicked on the micro/macro tag and been dissapointed. XD


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Thank you for watching me, I appreciate it :)

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thx to adding to interactive of mine


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Have loved your work for several years, superb stuff. Finally able to shout it out, ha!

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