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Quick Question & Thank You Posted 6 months ago
I was adjusting settings on my profile when I realized I've never actually checked on this with anyone...

The pink theme on my profile pages looks okay, right? I take it for granted since I set it up the same day I created my profile and it's been my landing page for Eka's for over a year now. But custom themes on this site are so hit or miss and I'm pretty sure none of the 'misses' realize what they've done. Bless their hearts. Anyway, I feel obligated to at least make sure it doesn't look wonky on screens that aren't my old laptop monitor. I promise I won't be offended.

Also, just so this counts as a proper blog: I passed 100 watchers last month and neglected to post anything about it, but hey, better late than never. If you're reading this and you're one of...
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Farewell 2021!! Posted 9 months ago
(...and a late Merry Christmas too)

With the new year almost here, a watcher milestone, and about four months passed since my last blog post, I figured now was as good a time as any to post another little update. Actually, two days from now at New Year's would probably be the more obvious choice, but the ideas came early.

No resolutions. I'm terrible at keeping them, as even a cursory look at my blog will show. Also I'm in grad school so, you know, my free time is inconsistent. That said...

Sequels & Follow-ups

The biggest thing I'd love to take suggestions on is whether there are any stories or series I've written that you'd be especially interested in seeing more from. I have potential ideas in mind for most things,...
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One Year Anniversary Posted 1 year ago
Hey, look, I've officially been registered on Eka's for a full year! Of course, I was lurking for years before that, but decided to finally create an account and publish my first story for Vore Day 2020. Since then, I've written ten pieces, totaling around 60,000 words in total, give or take. I'll take some small pride in being a marginally successful niche erotica author. That aside, a few announcements:

First, thank you for all the suggestions that have been sent in to the anonymous suggestion box - here - over the past two months. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I got some good feedback and several ideas that I definitely want to incorporate into future writing. When that'll be is anyone's guess, but the ideas are at...
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Writing Updates! Posted 1 year ago
Blogging is fun! Anyway...

I've been feeling more creative lately, which coincides nicely with having more free time to *be* creative. The downside, if it counts as one, is that there are perhaps too many ideas I want to write: some vore and some not. I consider myself a sci-fi/fantasy writer who does vore on the side, which has been fairly accurate recently. Still, just to give you an idea of where I am, I'm currently working on a fantasy story with object vore and a dragon as well as a sequel to my last story (Keeping the Spark Alive) with unbirth. Which one will be finished first is anyone's guess, especially with my less than ideal tendency to jump from project to project. Between you and me, there are now TWO unfinished vore stories with over 10,000 words each just...
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Random Musings Posted 1 year ago
Exactly what it says on the tin. I just remembered that blogs exist and I haven't updated mine in months, so... feel free to skip this one.

So I was logging on a few days ago when I happened to look at the top bit of my userpage and realized that I'm quickly approaching half a year since I registered this account and published my first story (the uncreatively named "Swallow the Key" - bet you can't guess what happens in that one), which remains the most popular piece in my gallery. In that time, I've published a grand total of eight stories, five or six of which are surprisingly decent. I'm pretty happy with how this has gone so far, in a 'hey look, strangers on the internet don't hate the niche erotica I wrote' sort of way.

One of the big things I've...
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Eight Weeks Later Posted 2 years ago
Remember that thing I said about releasing one story a week for eight weeks? Hah.

In my defense, I'm five for eight as of today and I *did* do some other non-vore writing in the meantime. If you add it all up, I probably came out with the equivalent of eight stories in the time I allotted for myself, but only about half of it ended up posted here. I also currently have several half finished works in progress; mostly endo-focused concepts that I got about half a dozen pages into each when inspiration struck and then never got back to after I put it down.

Funny thing about motivation: it never seems to be there when you have the free time, especially for something like niche erotica that really requires the right mood to work on. It's probably not a huge surprise...
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Saying Hello Posted 2 years ago
Oh look, a blog. Do people read blogs? Who knows. I'm writing one anyway.

I've been lurking on this site for YEARS, but this is the first time I've ever tried making anything for the community. There was actually another account at one point, but nothing ever came of that and I lost the email, so now I'm Cerise instead of whatever I was before. It's for the best.

This time around, I made Attempt #2 into a Vore Day resolution, which we all know is effectively a binding oath. I figured it was pretty low-risk; I already had a sizeable portfolio of non-smut sci-fi and fantasy already, so writing vore seemed like the logical next step. Worst case scenario, somebody would hate my writing so much they would dox me and expose my secrets to the world out of spite. But, so...
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