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Along Came a Snake part 4

Weeks had passed since her last incident, leaving Helen a somewhat different person as she began to wonder about her life and though she was used to having and hiding Titan who was living it up nicely in her womb, everything seemed to settled down in some way even if her parents barely seemed to care about her various reasons for not wanting to be around anyone, although there was also in the news an article about the mysterious

Along Came a Snake part 3

Panic would set in as Helen felt the lovable ball of fluffiness struggling inside her stomach, freaking out she as quickly and as carefully as she could rolled over and made her way into her bathroom, one of the few times she was glad to have an En-suite bathroom, as she rushed in she went straight for the toilet, then stopped and she moved to the shower cubicle. Shoving her fingers down her throat she would try to make herself

Along Came a Snake Part 2

The surroundings were very familiar to Helen suddenly as she looked around, finding herself looking up from the bin she had just finished throwing up into. Looking around she felt a sense of Déjà vu as if she had been here before, trying to think Helen remembered her friends had left to go find one of the teachers and so began to walk towards the entrance of the reptile house but didn't get far as she heard a famil

It was a nice normal day for Helen Thornsby, as she stared out the window, her music blasting into her ears as she watched each piece of scenery pass by from the bus that was taking her, her friends and everyone else from her college class to their destination. An amusement park. It had recently opened and hosting a mix of different events, Helen's teachers thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about key points in tourism as well as a nice gift for everyone on their last day before th

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So I recently like a week and a bit ago posted part 3 of one of my stories and though I am continuing it I have no ideas on how to really continue :P which sucks because I have really enjoyed writing the story though wish I did more to focus on some parts of the story I found myself leaving out or not really focusing on even though they were maybe key to the plot :P Anyways I currently have no ideas on how to continue with "Along Came a Snake" and so am stating that I am leaving it to settle for a while, while I finish or start other stories I have posted as well, though it may take me a bit, I hope everyone...
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Posted by Datonenumbnuts 5 days ago Report

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No problem :)

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Posted by blackrain 2 months ago Report

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For my Blackrain snake self it would have to be the right girl.


Posted by blackrain 2 months ago Report

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Thanks, snakes with sexy women shape bulges are great or women getting very tight snake skin suits are always a good thing.

My Friends comic is a fun one, I do hope to have more pages soon. This chapter of Friends will be ending soon, but I have ideas for chapter 3.


Posted by blackrain 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, glad you like my drawings. If there is anything you would like to see more of just let me know.


Posted by Malezor 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by Eclipseneko51 3 months ago Report

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That's alright to be honest with you i thought I'd started watching you ages ago when I first read Finding a tiny


Posted by greggarkits 3 months ago Report

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You're welcome! I love me some pet/feral prey~


Posted by DiDen 3 months ago Report

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You're more than welcome, thank you for sharing your drawings and stories with us, they're great ! :D


Posted by ArrowversePreds 7 months ago Report

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No worries. Thx for the cool art!


Posted by Mark45 9 months ago Report

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You're welcome but I am not done yet with your content I think.


Posted by F1reDem0n 9 months ago Report

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You bet! Your snake story deserves them. <3

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