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Ok, one month ago I reached 10,000,000 views here in Eka's. Now, and I can't stress this enough, AFTER ONLY ONE MONTH, I reached 11,000,000 views. I have no idea what's happening, but thank you all!

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Posted by Bowyer2 3 weeks ago Report

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Oh okay. I love many of your characters and I hope to see a giantess comic in a future.


Posted by Bowyer2 3 weeks ago Report

If it's okay to ask, do you have any giantess vore related idea(s) for the comic?


Posted by TheWitness 3 months ago Report

Hey Thanks for the watch!!! :D


Posted by Daiguey1 3 months ago Report

Is there anywhere on can find your paid comics beside patreon, the e-junkie link no longer works


Posted by KlemintineKattz 3 months ago Report

Happy Vore Day!

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Posted by 36inway 4 months ago Report

So is the game still going on?


Posted by Rombo 9 months ago Report

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I am! If you're interested feel free to send me a dm on discord or twitter (easier to keep track of things that way)

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Posted by WolfbaneSoldier 9 months ago Report

Gabi needs to be punished and gothrough all the karma she's racked up, I'm done with seeing these comics where women kill people mercciliusly and yet no concequences, I like the story's, the art is hot, it's well written other then one detail, it's allways the same, she can do no wrong and is above the law, would genuinley like to see her parents find out, she ends up in a police woman's belly and is mercciliusly confronted until she is crying for what she's done, hardly quin levels of insanity when she's confronted and has to pay the concequences inside of a police woman's ass.


Posted by BlazeDeathammer696 9 months ago Report

love your work. can u make more voreworld comics please


Posted by Montoya2022Gamer 11 months ago Report



Posted by KlemintineKattz 11 months ago Report

Merry Christmas :3

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