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hi, i do short stories about girls getting bigger by any means necessary. children begone!

twitter @gachabork
discord: gacha#6155

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Centorea and Rachnera walked along the busy sidewalk. Ever since the change of laws, seeing a centaur and arachne together in a public setting was no longer such a fantastical sight. Ever since they had both been duped by the man they previously fought to marry, they had helped each other cope, spending more time together. They had just seen a lovely romantic movie, and had quite the conversation afterwards.
However, as the winter night neared, the temperature dropped rapidly, and Rachnera foun

Alma wandered the forest, looking down at her map. If she followed her trail right, she would find the entrance to a secret bee colony! She continued to follow the dotted line, eventually reaching its X. Searching for any clues as to the entrance held, she had no idea she was being spied on by two observers above. "Yes!" Spoke the brunette bee-girl. "She will be a perfect queen. Those breasts speak for themselves." The ginger beside her nodded her head. "I agree, sister. She looks young and fert

The hunter woke from her slumber, sunlight filtering through the opening in her tent. She was with the handler in the ancient forest, on an assignment to capture a Great Jagras. As it was a particularly hot day, she had shed her heavy armor and opted for something a bit more lightweight, going for light leather armor. The pieces were thin, barely covering her breasts and feet with small pieces of fabric, almost like a bikini. Her pussy and asshole were exposed to make her job easier. After she p

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considering doing these in the future, not totally sure yet. last animation took me about an hour so they're not too hard to do.

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