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A poll on the current state of Valerie (and some Leagueposting) Posted 2 days ago
what's up guys, welcome back to another poll

keep in mind these are just for my watchers, so don't go voting on a character you have no earthly clue about just because you saw it on the front page or something lol.
as for my watchers, sorry for most of my blogposts being polls, i like to think of myself as 'community-focused' in order to hide my indecisiveness lol. see you next poll :>

also, if you play league of legends, follower or not, i would like a group to play with. i play mostly around the late hours (8-11 EST but i'm flexible), i'm pretty new to the game (Lv23) and would feel i'd better enjoy it with some folks willing to try out fun strategies/make the game less of a...
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Poll for you LOL players Posted 2 weeks ago
I'll keep it brief, which League of Legends girl do you guys want me to draw, and what do you want them to be doing? bye :>
don't worry, still alive Posted 1 month ago
my apologies for not uploading an animation in nearly 2 months now. i do have one in the works, was meant to be for mardi gras but I've been prioritizing sleep for now. since spring break is coming up, i will probably have it uploaded in a few days if my weekend doesn't get swamped and I can find a free day between filmings. keep it real :>
small update Posted 1 month ago
(tldr romance is a social construct)
sorry it's been awhile since i've posted anything. think i'm coming up on 2 weeks as of today. not really any excuses, just been kinda sad most nights, i'll spare you guys the details but valentine's day is one of my more disliked holidays now lol. i did update the character bios in the writing section if you want to read over that while i work up the motivation to pick up my 3ds stylus. peace and love to all. :<
One last poll I promise Posted 2 months ago

(multiple polls) Looking for some feedback Posted 2 months ago
It's that time of the month again, the time where I ask you guys for information I'll probably just use once haha

Part 1 https://www.strawpoll.me/19321333

Part 2: https://www.strawpoll.me/19321353

If there's anything you would like to suggest not listed here, please reply with such, I'd like to hear it.

bye :>
new steam group Posted 2 months ago
https://steamcommunity.com/groups/BigBoysIttyBittyBoys :>
sneak peek Posted 2 months ago
really kinda kills the mood of the picture when i gotta put in a link but https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/625102027009032202/670500023699636234/Capture2.PNG
new girl with a terrible secret
blog machine works again Posted 2 months ago
(and while i'd love to format my text i guess i will make do for now)

sorry for the absence, i wanted to say something about it sooner but blogs have been disabled for like the past few weeks. haven't really had the motivation ever since school started back and the weather has gotten much colder. the things i did upload i immediately took down because i think they look like shit. i'll try to get something out soon, got an animation about mona from shovel knight and an oral vore story which is something i rarely do so i'm trying to go out of my comfort zone. hopefully everything sorts itself out. join my discord if you wanna talk. bye :>
gachabork's aryion rewind 2019 lmao Posted 3 months ago
2019 was a good year i'd like to think! i made some good friends and some good stuff. i thought since this place doesn't have a sort feature, i'd go through my stuff and punch out some statistics on my work.

In 2019, I made 56 animations, 26 stories, and 8 pieces of art, wowie!

Top 5 Animations

1. Tanya's Headless Spell, 138 favorites

2. (Request) Tanya's Wombmate, 89 favorites

3. Valerie's Passengers, 86 favorites
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