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Hello! Welcome! Welcome to my little corner of depravity.

You can call me what ever you like, just don't call me 'late for dinner!' I am your humble purveyor of smut, pornography, and all that is lewd and lascivious.

Thank you to  Slimshod for telling me how to put all of my stories in the proper format for easy reading.

I am a longtime lurker and as of 03/29/24, a contributor!

I'm new to writing smut, so please forgive my early attempts, errors, and other issues. But, please, please give feedback! Like it, love it, hate it, 'the Oxford comma is stupid', anything you wanna add, I'm all ears. It's how I learn!

Always open to suggestions, too.

Futafan357 on Discord!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy!

Also, remember folks, this is fiction. I'm sure some psychological quirk we picked up along the way makes this stuff hot to us, but that doesn't mean anyone who enjoys it in fiction will, even remotely, enjoy this in real life.
For example, don't shove people down your cocks, boys and girls. It gonna really fuckin' hurt.

Unless otherwise stated, All characters are over 18. Or, ret-con that for you local judicial requirements if you'd like.
Get off my lawn, Chris Hansen!

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Posted by Ryuu27 6 days ago Report

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Mmmm, if we're talking about non-humans, I have a preference for anything that can be said to have 2 stomachs (lamia, centaur, mermaid...)


Posted by Ryuu27 7 days ago Report

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It's in my favorites already ;)
folder "no-human" (because kitsune)


Posted by MikeFOX2400 9 days ago Report

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But of course, with works like yours you deserve it!


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 2 weeks ago Report

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Your welcome. You seemed like a cool fun guy so it felt deserved. Certainly curious to look into some of your stuff soon and potentially throw some ideas of my own at you on the future.


Posted by Graves 3 weeks ago Report

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1. Use the lore books to explain what vore is.
2. It imitates the writing style that's already in its context window, so if you write in a certain style it will try to imitate that.
3. Lorebooks... again. (This website really helped me: https://tapwavezodiac.github.io/novelaiUKB/#-expert-guides)


Posted by Graves 3 weeks ago Report

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NovelAI mostly


Posted by Fatedmeal 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave


Posted by DreamEater 11 months ago Report

Thanks for reading!


Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the face!


Posted by MikeFOX2400 2 years ago Report

Hey thanks again for the fav!
Much appreciated!!


Posted by MikeFOX2400 2 years ago Report

Why thank you so much for faving pal!


Posted by Umiriko 2 years ago Report

thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)

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