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Welcome to my page! I'm a vore writer who specialized in the M/M variety. Most of my stories involve bear/chubby predators, digestion, fatal vore, and weight gain. If that isn't your thing then you may want to avert your eyes.

Disposal is a common theme in my stories as well, however I will work on creating a "Clean" version of a story for those who don't like the ugly bits of vore, and a "Dirty" version who enjoy seeing the remain of the prey.

If you like what you see, favorite the story and follow me, it really motivates me to write more!

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The Demon At The Edge Of Hell
By Galion Firemage
Screams echoed off the hallway as The Beast kicked open the dilapidated door. The huge barrel chested bear of a man roared as he swung a bloody axe through the air, his heavy, hairy, beer belly wobbling with every swipe. Two guys and two girls turned and ran as fast as they could down and around the hall, tripping over one another. The burly man stood there growling and shouting until the group was out of sight. On

Hey guys, here is the finale to Bet Among Friends. There is a lot wrapped in this story that I will try to touch on.
When I first wrote "Bet Among Friends" I was in a really bad spot in my life, hence the very dark tone of the story. After things got better in my life I started to regret how dark I wrote the pred Dane, so I tried to lighten his character in "Purpose" and a bit more in "My Life As Belly Fat". One theme I love in vore is the prey permanently r

drummed his thick digits against the desk, annoyed. Did the kid think
he was stupid? This was the third week in a row his register had been
short, and tonight was the highest it had been off. The first time it
happened $5 was missing, no big deal. The next week it was just over
$20. The kid was getting greedy. And bold.
office chair creaked as Miguel shifted his heavy weight against the
seat. His official button up manager shirt stretched around his
rotund gut, the short sleeves

The bar erupted in cheer as the time
clock hit zero. Beer was spilt everywhere as people leapt into the
air, hugged each other, and delivered high-fives all around. The
local football team overcame their rivals and earned a place in the
championship game. Sean, Dane, and Matt joined in the celebration
from their booth, taking care not to spill their own drinks.
“Fuck yea! It’s about time we
made it!” Sean yelled over the cacophony of noise.
Dane clapped his hand against Matt’s

you sure you want to go through with this?” The father asked his
son, patting him on the shoulder.
23-year-old nodded, “Yes sir. I’ve always imagined being inside
your belly, being a part of you. This way I can always be with you,
no matter what.”
nodded, “You know it’s a one way trip. You sure there isn’t
anything else you want to do with your life besides wobble on this
tank?” The older man slapped his stomach, ripples echoing through
the fat. His buttoned shirt

The alarm blared at 6:00am. Inside
the dark room a massive shape groaned under cover on top of the king
sized bed. A meaty paw reached out and fumbled around on the night
stand until the snooze button was slapped a few times, stopping the
obnoxious noise for the next eleven minutes. Dane rolled over a few
times, trying to get back to sleep in the small span of time before
the alarm went off again. After the alarm went off a second time he
finally sat up and turned the clock off. Dane yawned

Among Friends
by Galion_Firemage
you like fries with that?"
No, that will be all."
dollar even, pull forward to the next window." Jack said as he
finished inputing the customers order. He sighed as he waited for
another car to pull through, already bored to tears. Somehow he
wasn't surprised to be in this situation in his life. He always hated
high school, it was so boring and he felt like it was a waste of his
time. He dropped out

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