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You desperately shake the large bag of dog food over Moose’s bowl, but nothing falls out besides a few dry crumbs. The huge great dane hears them hit the plastic and trots around the corner, snuffling curiously around the bowl and slurping up what few flakes he can find with his long, floppy tongue before looking up at you questioningly. With a defeated sigh, you let the bag drop and sit down on a box, holding your head in your hands. Times have been hard. It used to be that you had more t

For Goodness’
A Christmas Story (?) by Myconid32
Robbie stood as still as a statue,
staring into the darkness of the room. He made no sound, and he could
hear nothing now except for the drone of cars passing on the street
outside, but he had sworn that he had heard a noise that did not
belong. Then it happened again: a shuffle, followed by the tiny clink
of bottles. The lights on the front of a bus outside helpfully
illuminated the room for a few seconds as it passed, and the source
of t

The Munchies
by Myconid32
Vince quickened his pace as he
strolled toward his dorm in the weakening twilight. His breath
started to come out in short, ragged bursts… not out of exhaustion,
but fear. The cool air stung his throat and he gulped nervously,
swinging his gaze around the seemingly deserted streets. It seemed as
though no one but him had been dumb enough to stay out this late, and
for good reason. Only a certain kind of student prowled the campus
grounds at night.
The hairs ro

It was a chilly November night on the
campus of Central City University, and it was mostly quiet. People
knew better than to wander around at that hour, even in groups.
Still, in one of the tiny dorm parking lots, three young men could be
seen together under the streetlights. They were friends, of course,
engaging in good-natured ribbing and laughing at one another’s
jokes. They didn’t really seem inclined to move, as though they
were waiting for someone… and, sure enough, a fourth man sta

Paul Fogherty felt
his stomach lurch along with the elevator as it started its way up.
His whole body was suffused with that awkward tingling feeling he
associated with anxious excitement, and with good reason. The
elevator ride was long enough that he was beginning to have second
thoughts about being there, and he had a powerful urge to just mash
the button that would take him back to the ground floor. However, a
deep curiosity and desire for closure kept him going.
Paul thought back
to the eve

By Myconid32
NorthWind17: hey, u should come
down sometime
NorthWind17: we can have a “dinner
date” lol
The light from the screen flashed
across Cody’s eyes as he waited for a response. Dressed in just a
clean white tank top and matching shorts, he sat cross-legged on his
bed with his laptop. The clothes didn’t flatter his somewhat
scrawny form, but they were fine for a lazy day at home... which Cody
had spent entirely in bed, if his messy blond hair was any

Myconid32Ryan’s eyes flew open, and he spent the next
few minutes staring intently at the ceiling. He was lying perfectly
still in bed, but his mind was buzzing like a hornet’s nest. After
a while he closed his eyes, willing himself to just fall asleep, but
he couldn’t. He knew from experience that nothing he did would work
but, as always, he still tried. It was happening
again. He rolled over onto his side and glanced at the
clock next to the bed. The glowing gree

opened his eyes and then immediately shut them again. His head was
spinning too badly for him to look at anything for the moment. He
decided to rely on his other senses instead. He could hear loud, deep
voices talking and… snickering? He was lying on something soft…
his bed. And he was naked, but that wasn’t too unusual if he had
been sleeping… but was he? The last thing he remembered was
drinking wine with his boyfriend Ben, not going to sleep. Adam wasn’t
the sort t

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Posted by lyingunderfire 8 months ago Report

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And thank you for the stories! They're great! I'm trying to read through them all!

[We really enjoy the loosely connected universe in what we have read.]


Posted by Fischie 1 year ago Report

Thanks for faving


Posted by KyleSurf 3 years ago Report

are you doing ok?


Posted by Zavvnao 3 years ago Report

did your vrogue roguelike page in the forums keep the list of enemies?


Posted by hackerkyle 4 years ago Report

Oh alright.


Posted by hackerkyle 4 years ago Report

Hay, just wondering if you're still writing, I really love your stuff man. If not then it's cool, I get sometimes you're just not in the mood or have writers block or even if things in life are preventing you.


Posted by eatmeplease 5 years ago Report

I love your icon!

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Posted by solarix 5 years ago Report

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sure thing


Posted by Sqydoc 5 years ago Report

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I am really fan of your "i can do it" drawings. Cant wait seeing the rest of it.


Posted by Camlio420 5 years ago Report

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You're very welcome


Posted by VictiniLover 5 years ago Report

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Well, thanks for your amazing content really


Posted by ZaaZaa 6 years ago Report

No, thank YOU for all your wonderful works. I joined another site just to rwad your stuff! :3

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