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hi there i'm just a writer so feel free to comment and tell me what you like and don't.
My other accounts:,, twitter @thatvor3boy, discord thatvor3boy#3153

if you want to request or commission a story just send me a message, on here, twitter on on discord

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A stream to die for
The video feed came to life, the chat quickly filling up, happily chatting about what they hopped to see. So far the video was broadcasting an inside view of a homely looking bedroom, the camera was focused on a made king-sized bed. Sat atop the bed, looking slightly nervous and unsure was a cute little sheep. His wool, a cream-white standing out on the black sheets of the bed. Then walking into frame was a slender orange fox, moving in and kissing at his cheek as he join

It was a friday night and the sound of music was blasting out of the cabin and into the woods. They were using Pipvarok’s birthday as an excuse to throw a party, the little kobold didn't mind even though such a part wasn't really his scene because he knew his friends just wanted to cut loose. He was sat on the couch snacking and chatting with 4 of his friends, joran, dargov, raph, and sofira. His other two friends had gone upstairs to “enjoy each other's company”. He sipped on his drin

Holy shit
Breaking and entering was not her ideal way to spend an evening. As such it was unfortunate she had decided to do just that. She knew this bear was up to something even if her commander didn't and it was her job to find out what and prove it. She slowly climbed into the room, her footsteps, while soft and quiet, felt like a cascade of noise spilling across the room. It felt like the room was watching her, prowling ready to pounce. She moved deeper in, waiting for any

Summer fling to filling

It was hot. Too hot. And Win found himself drenched in a glistening layer of sweat, especially on his ass and nuts. He was fanning himself, trying to survive the heat, as he went to get a drink. The tiger not liking the feeling of sweat dripping down him and not liking how it stuck to his slight pot belly (courtesy of a cute raven he'd met clubbing last night and had not let out yet). He also didn't like how the heat and sweat made hi

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