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Hey, thanks for visiting my page! I’m tummyterrors(she/her) and I write vore stories. Mostly M/F and a lot of fanfic type stuff, but I throw in a bit of variety now and then. I love hearing what people think about my stories, so don’t be shy if you have feedback or just want to chat. Thanks again!

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Heather sighed in irritation as she sat on her boyfriend’s bed, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for him to get out of the shower. She was used to waiting on him, but surely he could at least try to be on time for Valentine’s Day. They had a reservation at her favorite Italian restaurant, and she was very much looking forward to it. She had dolled up for the occasion, tying her black wavy hair into an elegant bun and wearing a tight red dress that hugged her big round bottom nicely

Jane’s heart beat quickly in her chest, her breath short and shallow. She stood frozen in place, muscles tense with fear, staring with wide blue eyes at the horde of angry monkeys surrounding her. Her long brown hair was messy and tangled, her once fine yellow dress torn and tattered.“Oh dear,” she said breathlessly. “This has gotten quite out of hand…” She glanced left and right, taking a careful, slow step backwards. She swallowed hard as the evil-looking primates inches forward in

He said he would be here, Andrea thought, swallowing nervously as the sunlight began to fade. She always felt out of place here, a short, slender fifteen year old girl on the rough side of town… but this was the only place she could see Randy.She had prettied up for him today, wearing a red blouse that hugged her small breasts tightly and a black skirt that exposed a bit too much of her pale, fleshy thighs. Her pretty, round face was framed by her light brown curls, red lipstick on her plump l

Jasmine observed the bazaar with wide, excited eyes, taking in the bustling noises and vibrant sights. This place was so full of life, so much more interesting than her lonely home at the palace. Everything was so fresh and new and exciting… she never wanted to go back!Despite her enthrallment with this new world, she wasn’t blind to its darker elements. Shrouded figures eyes her with shifty eyes from dark alleyways, and countless beggars sat by the path, looking pitiful and sad. These peopl

Hannah gripped her purse in her lap tightly, trying not to let her terror show. Her heart pounded beneath her small breasts, and her breath came fast and shallow. Her amber hair was tied up in a sensible ponytail and she wore no make-up. Her t-shirt was loose and gray, and she covered her curved hips and slender thighs with baggy sweatpants. She had made these choices strategically, to make herself appear as unremarkable as possible. Surel no one would look twice at her.“You’ve got to relax,

Lusamine smirked, cocking her hips as she eyed the intruder. “All this fuss over a kid like you?” she chuckled disdainfully. “I’m afraid you’ve made a terrible mistake coming here!”“I’m exactly where I want to be,” the young boy said with a confident smile, casually placing his hands behind his head. He was dark-skinned, with black hair tied up in a messy bun. His floral shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his midsection, which was mostly slender except for a bit of pudge around his

“Well, we did our best, girls,” Roberta said, with as much confidence as she could muster. “We’ll work hard and do better next time.”It had been a long, tense bus ride home from the game, a game in which Roberta and her team had been soundly defeated. It was the latest in a string of bad performances, but tonight had been particularly demoralizing, as it had disqualified them from competing in the Volleyball playoffs. The mood was heavy, and everyone on that bus was feeling it. They we

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Hey, glad you liked my story, the voiceover reading of "Eaten in the Everglades", enough to favorite a while ago.
Keep reading, it's purportedly a healthy pastime!

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Boy Scouts absolutely fantastic


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Really loving your Fantasy Vore RPG interactive so far. Keep it up!

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