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Lusamine smirked, cocking her hips as she eyed the intruder. “All this fuss over a kid like you?” she chuckled disdainfully. “I’m afraid you’ve made a terrible mistake coming here!”“I’m exactly where I want to be,” the young boy said with a confident smile, casually placing his hands behind his head. He was dark-skinned, with black hair tied up in a messy bun. His floral shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his midsection, which was mostly slender except for a bit of pudge around his

“Well, we did our best, girls,” Roberta said, with as much confidence as she could muster. “We’ll work hard and do better next time.”It had been a long, tense bus ride home from the game, a game in which Roberta and her team had been soundly defeated. It was the latest in a string of bad performances, but tonight had been particularly demoralizing, as it had disqualified them from competing in the Volleyball playoffs. The mood was heavy, and everyone on that bus was feeling it. They we

Samus grunted angrily, red-faced and plastered with sweat as she burst out of yet another Yoshi egg. She glared at her opponent, the insufferably cheery green dinosaur. He was toying with her, she knew, and it pissed her off.“No one disrespects me and gets away with it!” she growled, firing a paralyzing bolt towards the smiling, goofy looking creature, who nimbly dodged away, sending his tongue lashing out towards her once more. Again, she felt the slimy appendage wrap around her torso, pinn

 Guuaaarrrrrrp.Deborah Norman belched heartily, and a pair of lacy panties flew out of her mouth, landing on her desk with a splat.“Oh my,” she chuckled. “I’d better slow down, or you’ll be all gone when your daddy gets here.”“M-M-Miss Norman, please,” her dinner wheezed, squirming pitifully in her digestive prison. “I don’t understand… why? H-haven’t I been a good student?”The poor morsel’s name was Miranda Baxter, and just three hours ago, she had been a 14-yea

“Now, listen closely, my dear,” Doc adjusted his glasses nervously, chuckling in his neurotic way. “We have to go off to work now, so be very careful. The old queen could have spies everywhere!”“Oh, I will, I promise,” Snow White replied solemnly.“Don’t let nothing or no one in the house!” Grumpy agreed, folding his arms.“Why, Grumpy! You do care!” Snow White giggled sweetly, giving the little old curmudgeon a quick kiss on the nose, much to his surprise.“Yes, well,” Do

General Helgatha sighed, massaging her temples, gritting her teeth in frustration. She had faced countless dangers on the battlefield, from goblin hordes to northern fire-drakes, coming back alive and victorious from every deadly encounter. But now, sitting safely in her office, she was pretty sure her own soldiers would do her in.There were two of her troops sitting across from her, both in very different situations. One, a bulky, axe wielding woman named Duffy, was sitting in a chair. The othe

Rosalina still wasn't exactly sure what had happened. She had been dominating the fight against her simian opponent, taking him down to his last stock. The little monkey had gotten in a few lucky hits, knocking her off the stage, but Rosalina had easily launched herself back towards safety, flying head first over the edge of the platform…And into Diddy Kong’s waiting mouth.She knew that was where she was because of the thumping heartbeat reverberating around her, the slick, slimy walls of fl

Harry gripped his wand, a look of competitive determination in his eyes. His opponent stared back with smug self-assurance, one hand on her hip, holding her wand lazily in the other.“Ready for more humiliation, Harry?” Hermione taunted. Her wild, frizzy brown hair framed her petulant face, with her pale cheeks and plump lips. She wore a red and yellow Gryffindor sweater that hugged her pert breasts and slender waist smugly, along with a black skirt that ended just above her knees. Her long,

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