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Melanie Banks reclined in her chair behind her desk, letting out a satisfied sigh. School had just let out for the day, and her classroom was now empty of students. She had about an hour of peace and quiet before her next obligation, but unlike many of her duties, she was looking forward to it.“M-Mrs. Banks?” A muffled voice whimpered. See, while her classroom might be empty of students, her tummy wasn’t.“Ah, Mr. Hamford,” she said in a smug voice, smiling down at her huge belly, wrapp

Reptile grinned, scaly belly wrapped tight around his former opponent. The match was technically still going, but Jade was no longer his opponent. She was just lunch.“MFFFF! MGGGHHHH! RGH! GHHHHRLKK!” The female ninja screamed. She was so much weaker than him that she couldn’t even squirm, squashed tight by his hungry belly.Reptile hissed and licked his lips, grinning at his next opponent, the Edenian Princess Kitana. The blue-clad ninja girl sat stoically, frowning intently, fighting hard

“Bah, zoota nee buki gah roto!” Lord Jabba declared, and the collection of scum gathered in his throne room laughed and jeered along with him. Although it was impossible to tell, given the amount of blubber the Hutt boasted, his belly was full and wiggling, as a young human fought hard to escape. His name was Kobi Velosi, an aspiring mechanic with lofty goals and great ambition, all of which meant very little in his current predicament.“J-jabba, I said I’m sorry!” he cried, his chest h

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Really loving your Fantasy Vore RPG interactive so far. Keep it up!

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