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SQUAWWWWWK!! Warning! Here be vore and other such gross shit. Sometimes, literally.

I'm primarily a writer, occasionally writing and posing some fetish stories that I figured would be fun here, hoping that somebody else might think the same thing!

Not taking commissions for the time being, but you can find me at my Discord tag, Saybin#7713

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Hello again, everyone. College being college has kept me from being able to write as much as I'd like to, so I've been hoping to make up for my lack of posting with a bit of content related to my characters and such, in the meantime. The only problem is that I have so many characters, it makes it difficult to choose who I should get art of! Therefore, as I do with most things, I figure it'd be best for me to leave it up to a poll to try and determine who would work best for it, in kind of and indirect poll silly way. Determine what you'd like to see most by voting in the poll below!

Note: You may notice a glaring omission from this poll... There's a good reason for it. Stay tuned~

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Posted by Scottglass 11 months ago Report

Oh thank you for the fav!!
Love your work X3


Posted by Daru 1 year ago Report

Absolutely love the stuff you post~!

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Posted by KittyBoi 1 year ago Report

Thanks very much for the fave, I love your stories!


Posted by voidrunner 1 year ago Report

Merry Christmas ^^


Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Thanks, I'll let you know when I've got something down.


Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

Maaaaaaan… I am have story ideas... Think I can borrow Rita for one?


Posted by Dragonitas 2 years ago Report

thanks for the watch!


Posted by KittyBoi 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave my friend


Posted by IronFox24 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Aww! thanks <3


Posted by IronFox24 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the favs!~


Posted by Audax 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Hey man thank you, your stuff is pretty cute!

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