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SQUAWWWWWK!! Warning! Here be vore and other such gross shit. Sometimes, literally.

I'm primarily a writer, occasionally writing and posing some fetish stories that I figured would be fun here, hoping that somebody else might think the same thing!

Also, I take commissions, for the time being! Feel free to check my journal for more information, and inquire within through my notes, or at my Discord tag Saybin#7713

Slot # 1: SaintHeartwing (Finished Privately)

Slot # 2: Cainiam (Finished and posted.)

Slot # 3: EbaandIna (Finished and posted.)

Slot # 4: pokemonmaniac3595 (Now beginning: 3k-4k words)

Slot # 5: Basque` (Processing phase)

Slot # 6: Open!

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I've been beginning work on my fourth slot so far, which means that I'm getting closer and closer to finishing all of my slots for the time being! There's still one left, if anyone would like to snag it.

Also, I've amassed quite a collection of Rita art from both myself and other now. Mostly from myself :V
But I also have a new piece on the way that I commissioned. And, to celebrate, I decided to make a really dumb video to celebrate. I posted it at the link below at Vimeo, strictly because I believe it's best to host dumb content on a dumb platform to host it on. I hope you enjoy! :U

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Posted by KittyBoi 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the fave my friend


Posted by IronFox24 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Aww! thanks <3


Posted by IronFox24 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs!~


Posted by Audax 9 months ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Hey man thank you, your stuff is pretty cute!


Posted by NovaRay 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav *>*


Posted by thirdspurs 1 year ago Report

You know, it just occurred to me that you're really missing out on a wonderfully punny story title! 'Super Saybin'


Posted by Cainiam 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Oh! You subbed to me nine months ago! Must not have known who you were then... And heh, sorry, I suck at faving stuff. It has to either super impress, be a gift or by someone I know. Saw you first in the MLP tag, but I trawl AV pretty regularly.


Posted by Cainiam 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Heh, no problem. Entertained myself with a fair few of your stories whenever they cropped up on my tag searches. That recent Kass one, the AV variant especially, is what got me to finally click the watch button. You're good at what you do!


Posted by theclaw 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

np i have been using the site for years and read this story a few months back and liked it. then i lost it until a few days ago so i have locked it down so i cannot lose it again.


Posted by dasamppa 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Oh you are most welcome, it was quite the lovely read and thank you~ ^//w//^


Posted by Braeburnt 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

Agreed! And that's coming from someone who usually isn't the biggest Gryphon fan x3


Posted by LizardWizard444 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To saybingryph

No problem

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