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The two mares lay abed, heavy breathing filling the otherwise silent air of Vinyl's bedroom. The unicorn sinks comfily into the surplus of pillows, arms sprawled out to the sides of her double-sized bed. She slowly brings a hoof down to ruffle the other's mane, knocking her cap aside. "Heh, that was... something," Vinyl sighs in bliss, a lavender-furred mare slipping her muzzle out from between Vinyl's legs, tongue dribbling saliva and other fluids, nodding in agreement. "But Tavi

"Hmph, this day WOULD be perfect, if not for the feeling that that obnoxious Twilight Sparkle has something up her sleeve..." the evil Cadance huffs, tossing aside her wedding gown as she glares at the pair's struggles in the sub-Canterlot caverns. "At this rate, they'll be here just in time to try and ruin everything." The soon to be ruler of Canterlot wouldn't take such interference laying down, her pink, regal horn glowing with a sinister green, enveloping herself in a dar

"Nnnf, Hnnng-- Ahhhhh~" the sergal slumps over his lover's back, releasing his throat from his salivating jaws. Simultaneously, he lets loose a hot, milky torrent of sergal-cum, splurting up through the other's thoroughly ravaged rear. The steaming load dribbles out from around Croft's deeply-buried cock, a thick splash of fluid seeping out as he pulls loose, leaving the subordinate sergal to whimper with desperate arousal. "Don't worry, you'll get yours soon," he gives a sly

A great pair of red wings cut through the leafy canopy, their glassy form shearing through leaves as the Latias swooped back toward its nest high among the trees. Merely out for a drink of water and a chance to chomp down some berries, the Pokemon had been fortunate to find another little snack to enjoy, a tiny human form clutched in its foreclaw. Resigned to be carried off, he wouldn't dare squirm out and plummet to his death - Pokemon were typically friendly, after all! What's the worst that c

She'd endured countless dangers. She'd outsmarted traps upon puzzles upon traps. Now she stands before the Silver Chalice of Muldoon, her hoof tingling with anticipation as she dares to reach out and grab it. A crack in the temple's ceiling reveals her likely escape route, the pegasus quite certain that she wasn't in the clear just yet. "Here goes nothing..." Daring flexes her wings, giving a few flaps as she reaches out and grabs the chalice in her teeth. The temple rumbles, pillars c

The dim light of a campfire crackles in the forest clearing. Silent-Hunter sits by his tent, having come with a few others on a trip to the woods. Essentially he'd come birdwatching, tagging along with a group that was trying to find evidence of some giant avian that had been sighted nearby. A few claimed it was a harpy, others said it was a rare breed of hawk, bigger than any other. Silent didn't much care either way, the kinky alien coming up to meet whatever it was, and... as these things oft

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First off, I'd like to thank anyone who's read my stuff through the years! And similarly, would like to apologize for nuking my gallery some time back. Life got rough, etc, didn't think anyone would miss it. Sadly lost everything I'd had backed up due to a hard drive failure as well, so the overwhelming majority of my past writing is gone for good. Some was salvaged by a reader and sent to me, which I'm sincerely grateful for! <3. Not sure if I'll upload it, guess it depends if anyone wants to see stuff I wrote 5-10 years ago that I hardly remember much of myself.

In any case, life got a bit more stable, boredom set in, and I got back to writing more frequently. I still feel incredibly rusty and hesitate to post anything (took me three days to work up the courage to upload...
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Posted by thirdspurs 3 years ago Report

Oh deleted all your stuff? :(


Posted by Umiriko 6 years ago Report

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Oh wow (^.\\\.^) that long? Tehe thankies

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Posted by Umiriko 6 years ago Report

Raaaaaaaaawr (^. .^) thank you thank you thank you!

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Posted by RailNSFW 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

You're welcome.

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Posted by dudey64 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

Great stories, couldn't resist ^^


Posted by Leshana 8 years ago Report

I'm glad to see the content on these latest stories!


Posted by NeonEmerald 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

No problem! ^~^


Posted by ChangelingWil 8 years ago Report

Nice stories ^_^


Posted by LightSpeed 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

heh, well a mutual friend on Skype gave me the link to the story. ^^;

I did find it interesting though not usually one for humiliation through Post vore Scat, but... it seemed to work in this case. But... I did LOVE the digestion. X3


Posted by lover222 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

i love your stories no need to thank me <3


Posted by Luna20 8 years ago Report

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well yeah, but id rather grow my audience than stick to one small group, plus fanfics dont get far, only Fallout and my little dashie are ones that became big, with this, its literally the same each time with no real story other than x pony wants to rid of y pony, me, i dont want to be stuck where you're at, i want to aim big, get better, and i kinda am, my oc was drawn over 300 times and was sometimes called famous, just from drawing him in art n comics, now i want to aim higher, by animation, animations for all bronies and ages, rather than fanfics set towards a very small demographic audience that love reading, or watching their favorite characters die a painful death. i love Mickey and Super mario, but i dont wanna see them die, nor do the larger audience. i dont know if you really want to do this for a hobby, its up to you, but like i said, you'll be stuck there not open to better media and entertainment.


Posted by Luna20 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vidofinir

i kinda dont anymore, thinking about it, thats very messed up, i dont see how ponies we love being digested to nothing, then grossly shitted out turns you weird bronies on, i dont even know why i faved it again, it was a long time ago, maybe the vore part, but yeah, i prefer actual art with soft vore than this, hopefully you can gain more than 30-40 fans that comment/fave someway, fanfics and killing ponies surely wont, especially if society looks down at bronies, bronies look down at r34 and vore lovers, and r34/vore lovers look down at this

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