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Welcome to my slice of vore writing heaven! I go by Bianchi (Bee-On-Key), and I used to writer under the name Otteronymous.

My smutty, erotic stories tend to revolve around vore, fat furs, weight gain, power play, BDSM, transformation, and whatever kinks/themes I think work well with them. Though I will only be posting my vore pieces here, you can feel free to check out my non-vore work on FA.

I adore writing porn, and strive to craft engaging stories that are worth one's precious time to read, even if the kinks aren't your own. I think plot, characters, conflict, and resolution are all important elements to smut/erotica, and the sexual thrill is greater when you give a damn about the characters and what happens to them.

Like many creators, I adore comments, and I'm always open to criticism of my work and style. No one gets better at art if folks don't give an honest opinion, especially the negative ones.

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Thanks for the watch, my guy


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Thanks for the watch~!


Posted by Dolsilyol 9 months ago Report

Appreciate the watch~! Especially from someone with similar ‘tastes’ ;P


Posted by Suneater 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch and fav! :D


Posted by Chameleonette 10 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for the watch and the fave! :) I appreciate it! And really nice art, yourself!


Posted by Ssublissive 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch~♡


Posted by TarenGe 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch! XD


Posted by YoshiDragon336 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


Posted by Reactorgirl 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much for watching me, Bianchi (=^ω^)ノ━★☆゚✿.♡*・。゚✧❀


Posted by Sable 1 year ago Report

Cute OC!


Posted by Skunkriot 1 year ago Report

Hey, thanks for the watch!!


Posted by Spingus 1 year ago Report

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Thanks! I love their silly design so much

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