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I'm just a (fairly) new artist that has been lurking on here as an anon for years...
Finally decided to make an account!
I'm just a small switch mousie with a fascination with bigger preds~ Although, I do enjoy being a hungry pred when the time is right~

I hope you all like what you see!

I will most likely draw a bit of...
Pet play
Hard vore (should actually end up draw these haha)
(Warning: The following gallery contains coarse art and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone :p)

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Lemme hear all your ideas, but I have a few you can vote on as well!
Preferably share ideas involving at least one of my characters plz >w>
I'm really at a loss at what to draw these days >_>;
So hearin from all of you will help!
Thanks for you guys bein so nice to me this past year and such, I've met some really kind and funny people on here ^^
So, thank you~

With Mousie luv,
Scott <3

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Posted by updog 2 days ago Report

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Thanks man, I like your stuff too, Keep it up!


Posted by dd98randoms 7 days ago Report

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Believe you, I need that too.


Posted by dd98randoms 8 days ago Report

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What I love about your art is your character, he emmanates innocence, and in the style you make him is quite admirable how the aestetic increases, so yes. That's the reason I follow you.


Posted by PuppyRingtail 13 days ago Report

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I love all the little details you put into your work! I also love your style :>


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 1 month ago Report

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if i see anyone with art i had enjoyed or liked then me will watch them^^


Posted by Dragon808tr 2 months ago Report

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Oh hello there! I just sent you a message and friend request on discord!

But to answer your question, i absolutely love the scat, disposal, digestion and teasing aspects of your works! They are so well done and fun! Its a veey rare find.


Posted by digesta 2 months ago Report

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Absolutely! I love the post-vore scat - definitely on your male preds. I'd love to be one of their turds - specifically James's. I love the detail you draw in the scat - like bones and roughage.


Posted by Spritethemouse 3 months ago Report

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nahh not really :c ive drawn a little bit, but not alot all


Posted by Spritethemouse 3 months ago Report

Im not really a fan of scat but i really like your art style úwù and all mice are always awesome!


Posted by Spritethemouse 3 months ago Report

oh yeah mouse time woo yeah


Posted by martyr 3 months ago Report

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I always love it when vore art shows the whooooole process, all the way to the embarrassing end... >w>
It's also a lot of fun to see the process of artists improving their craft, and you've been improving a lot! :3

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Posted by Foxgut 4 months ago Report

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Hey~ I'm happy you enjoy my work. I guess it's the cute mice and the prey getting turned to waste that I enjoy from you.

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