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I'm just a (fairly) new artist that has been lurking on here as an anon for years...
Finally decided to make an account!
I'm just a small switch mousie with a fascination with bigger preds~ Although, I do enjoy being a hungry pred when the time is right~

I hope you all like what you see!

I will most likely draw a bit of...
Pet play
Hard vore (should actually end up draw these haha)
(Warning: The following gallery contains coarse art and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone :p)

If you want to reach me, I’m often on Discord! Please feel free to poke me if you wanna chat or ask questions or whatever!


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Hello again
Your friendly mouse Scott here ^^
Must admit life is pretty crazy, huh?
While I’m busy with life rn, I do hope to fit in doing art between all my other duties, and hope to still be able to post it here. As I’m sure many people have as well, I’ve been going through a lot personally over the last 8 months, and surprisingly this platform and the friends and other members I talk to have been some of the most stable parts of my life recently, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I hope I did the same in return ^^
Also... I just hit 300,000 views on my gallery, and I never would’ve guessed I’d hit that just three years ago! It really makes me smile that my art is being enjoyed by this pretty niche community <3
Thank you for all the support...
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Posted by TheDragonBoy 4 days ago Report

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Cool! I'm glad you recognize me and like what I make.
Looking at the works of yours I fav'ed, I think I like your sense of character the most, in the dialogue and in the expressions. Those are two of the things that really make or break a piece for me- though I'm not sure I can explain it much better than that.
Anything in particular you like about my stuff?


Posted by courtoftheweirdos 4 days ago Report

<< Reply To Scottglass

I'll give you my thoughts in the comments, amd by that, I assume you mean crtiques, because I can do that if you want.


Posted by redsquallff8 8 days ago Report

You can eat me anytime. This human will be happy with it

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Posted by adrian12 11 days ago Report

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No problem and what I love about your art is the style of it and the way the characters are shown their emotions, actions, etc.

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Posted by ninjafur 11 days ago Report

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Cute artstyle and a cute Eeevee!x


Posted by LoneliestWolf 12 days ago Report

Late response, but I simply like your art style and do enjoy post-vore scat from time to time.


Posted by YamiTakashi 13 days ago Report

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yw darling ^^ i am glad you like my work I3

i just love your fluffy ocs <3 plus the eevee boy is pretty adorable ^w^

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Posted by roguedave99 2 weeks ago Report

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Yeah, totally! I really love the post-vore poops!


Posted by ConorOnAryion 2 weeks ago Report

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Everything! :3


Posted by Kulimek 1 month ago Report

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Thanks! As a scat fan myself, I admire your dedication to the subject and I'd like to keep track of your submissions.

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Posted by Px23 2 months ago Report

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I'm a big fan of your scat content uwu

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