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hey! i'm helios542 but you can just call me helios or hora, whichever you prefer (or know me as)! i'm a bisexual rat dude who's into obese/muscular predatory dominant females and i like seeing men getting put into all kinds of submissive peril. either by said females or otherwise. i just have a few rules about my work and being around me in general so just keep this in mind.

i don't really like f/f vore and i very much don't like M/f vore. i love F/m vore and all the themes that go with it, and i also quite like M/M vore but im pretty picky when it comes to it.

here's a list of what i like in general:
Femdom and malesub or just malesub in general: men tied up, men squirming in a tight belly, the submissive male form in general, men being beaten up, bruised, cut up, acid-eaten, asphyxiated to near death, limbs being broken, men in slavery (sexual or otherwise), men as a commodity (especially for female preds in a vore setting), men in pain, crying, begging, pleading, bleeding, screaming, sniveling, all of the above. twinks and twunks preferably but sometimes i like big buff boys finding their way into peril. i don't really like fat guys, cause i see men as subs/preys and fat as a pred/dom attribute.
graphic digestion/gore and realistic digestion in general. recently I've toned down on the gore, but i do still like it here and there.
F/M oral vore (only oral, i extremely dislike CV for my own reasons but everything else i at least tolerate)
slobbish stuff (stuff like sweat and eating messily. absolutely no farting, scat, musk/smelly stuff, anything beyond some sweaty fat rolls and missing a shower or two is probably too far for me.)
fat furs, weight gain, stuffing, weight gain from vore, obese ladies, vore turning into muscle growth if the pred works out a lot. i like prey being repurposed as fat rolls or bulging out some pred's biceps.

don't message me solely asking for rp, i hardly rp with people i *normally* rp with

with all that out of the way i do sincerely hope you enjoy :)

check out my FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/helios542/
Profile pic drawn by KittyKero on twitter.
My twitter: https://twitter.com/helios542

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okay, i see there was some interest! i've got 4 slots lined up between FA and ekas and that should eat up most of my time for now, thank you to all the people who commented, and i'm sorry if this is sudden to the people casually waiting wondering if i was going to officially open them up. i'll open them up officially soon after this round is over, and it'll be a true first come first serve, i promise!

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Posted by godinele 4 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the faves~


Posted by Raesetsu 2 months ago Report

What happened to your story with Vivian called Punishment for a Misbehaving Student? Pretty sure that was the title. Or am I going crazy.


Posted by digestionPirate666 3 months ago Report

Thanks so much for the fav! :3


Posted by TheYounger 4 months ago Report

Any plans to post Soft Scales? I'm sure your watchers will like it as much as I did.


Posted by Kooshmeister 10 months ago Report

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You're welcome. :)


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Thanks, I'm glad to hear that


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Thanks for the fave


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nothing, your stories are very good


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And i rather enjoy your stories


Posted by 1ring42 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite big fan of your writing.


Posted by Madmaxman 1 year ago Report

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No problem, and great work!


Posted by thehungrynaga 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome :)

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