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I am 36, male and live in North Carolina and my fursona is a preyboy European red squirrel. I like drawing porn (including vore) of cartoon characters, particularly more obscure ones. I've long been on FA and DA but I figured one more site in which to post my artwork and stories wasn't a bad idea, so here I am.

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American scientists led by Dr. Peter Yudkin (who feigns a foreign accent to go with his European-sounding surname to seem smarter) at an observatory take photographic plates of a mysterious celestial object near Mars using a highly sophisticated telescope and determine it is a cloud of some sort. Predicting that it will reach Earth in a matter of days and that the planet will in fact pass through it, NASA sends a rocket to collect samples of it. Analyzing the samples, they determine the cloud is organic in nature, composed primarily of polymers and a few other elements they can't identify. However, test animals subjected to the particles the rocket collected don't seem affected by it, and so at first it seems as if nothing harmful will come of its contact with Earth.

The cloud soon...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by EVAR25 3 days ago Report

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You and me both, haha ;) <3


Posted by EVAR25 3 days ago Report

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Thank you ;) I love making the little scamp a delicious meal with fun sexy times involved <3


Posted by heath 2 months ago Report

And thanks for the fav


Posted by CrazedHyena 2 months ago Report

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It's no problem! I adore everything that you work on


Posted by Helios542 3 months ago Report

thanks a bunch for the watch!

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Posted by anyonarex 4 months ago Report

thanks for the faves bro, glad you liked the story.


Posted by bugboy8 7 months ago Report

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You're welcome and thank you for the awesome content you've posted. ^_^

Death Incarnate

Posted by Death Incarnate 7 months ago Report

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Yeah misclicked, so clicked watch again, but apparently sent you the notification XD.


Posted by Badfurson 7 months ago Report

Thank you for watching!


Posted by antinous22 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome - thanks for writing such great stories :-)


Posted by honeyishrunkmyself 1 year ago Report

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You’re welcome! You have a sick art style!!!!!

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