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vore writer and rp

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Max had yet again been shrunken and tossed into another world. This time it was different he had landed in the Fairy Odd Parents World for Adults. Max stands up and dusts off the dirt from his clothes as always he was tiny.
Max: I need to hide before a kinky giant finds me.
Max looks to his right and sees a school. He thought, "Perfect! It's a public place no one dare have sex in a place like that." Max was unaware that at that time that all the school staff were having a summer orgy in the sch

Ratigan had finally done it. The rat of Mousedom had won by shrinking the great detective Basil down to the size smaller than a grain of cheese. Basil was in shocked not by being shrunken but by the fact his greatest villain was crossed dressed with his male rat tits bouncing in a bra and his monster sized cock ready to rip out of the panties he was wearing.

Ratigan: oh ho! This will be so much

Ash had been eaten several time by Jessie, James ,Meowth and a slutty humanoid Snorlax. Thinking it couldn't get any worse he is teleported out of the Snorlax and into Sabrina's Gym.
Sabrina was a Psychic Pokemon Gym leader who had shrunken Ash and his friends before. Ash thinks if he could get her attention she would help him get back to normal size. She walk walks into the room and with her abilities of knowing she looks at him with a cold stare.
Sabrina: Hello Ash.
Ash: Sabrina please you ha

Previously Giran had made a wish with the dragonballs and had fused with Majin Buu. Now with the new Majin Giran the shrunken human Max was in for a wild night on the town
Majin Giran loving his new body shows off in the mirror while his captive was still trapped in the monster's panties. Max watching as Majin Giran's pussy was like a giant mouth salivating. Lucky for him the monster wasn't plan on masturbating. Giran changing his vocal cords sounding like a high class female as he planned on go



was strange day as Max was in Wes

t City hoping to see the fighting t


. While h

e was there he

gets hit wi

th a

strange beam of energy which shrinks him to a size of a

After the events of Hexus in Fern Gully. Stumps the chubby member of the Beetle Boys had still wanted to have his way with Zak Young. One day Zak had returned to the forest but other being shrunken by Crystal Stumps had made the human smaller than fairy size.
Stump: Surprise human!
Zak couldn't believe it he was smaller than what he was last time. Since he had been gone the creatures in Fern Gully had adapted to the more modern culture. Stumps standing over him wearing speedos as the gang member

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Bored. I Wanna rp as prey. Here is your rp choices

1: Evil Step Mother futa or female.
2: girlfriend's mother, sister, or cross dressed. shemale brother.
3: BBW cafeteria lady, principal. (Futa)
4: Five Nights at Anime Orgy

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