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Brigade "So
how's the ale?" The dwarf jumped a good food in the air,
spilling some of his ale. "Gods DAMNIT
don't do
that!" "Sorry! I made noise that time, Yelu,
honest." But there was the obnoxious grin Muj always had on
him. The dwarf grumbled. "Stupid orc. What do you
want?" "Was trying to figure out how the ale was.
I know, I know, it's no dwarven ale, but - " "It's
fantastic and I have to watch my compliments or I mi

Fighting Ring "You
about this, buddy?" ...was probably the fifth or six
time /that day/ that Mek had been asked. He chuckled. "Hells
yeah. Man, you don't think I can handle it?" "No."
"Ouch." Mek mussed the sugar glider's headfur.
"Come on, you've seen me fight. They don't call me The
for nothin', Double!" "Yeah but..." Double
swallowed. "I mean even if you /win/ then there'll be like a
hundred naked horn

Jobber "Match!" Tomoriin
was let go, and took an exhale before standing up from the mat. Both
he and his opponent were breathing pretty heavily as they shook
hands. "Nice escapes." It was stated
sincerely, but it made Tomoriin feel a little bad - yeah, he was good
at escapes. He was basically only
good at escapes. He was absolutely sure that his points were
probably something like 'two escapes and a reversal'. Again. Sigh.
And here came the coach. "Thanks - your sh

Orcish Anatomy "Don't
worry. Is fine." Tyllan hadn't even realized he was
staring - both paws to his mouth. He glanced up - to a reassuring
gaze. "Made sure nothing's broken. Definitely still
alive. Just unconscious. Want me to make'm more comfortable?" A
gentle hand on his shoulder stirred him out of his paralysis. The
warm, comforting hand that always sank straight through his fur.
Mrr. Wait. "A - are you
okay?!" A chuckle. "Of course. Scratched,

a War "What's
wrong, human? You wanted clothes, right?" Daniel was
breathing raggedly - he'd just thrown up, after all. And clearly was
going to do so again at the sight - that jacket was made from human
skin. Human leather. Clearly, that was going to be his fate
too. But at the moment he wasn't thinking about his fate.
His stomach was too busy churning. Tears came to his eyes as he
glanced at his tormentor through the bars of his cage - a wolfman.
Who stared, impassively.

Wingman "Get
him!" "Where in blazes did he get off to?!" Heh,
humans never looked up
for some reason. Even in a forest. Still, this wouldn't be too long
- Xash was already pretty much at his target location. Kept an eye
on both men as they chased him, swords at the ready. Good, they were
going the right way. Just a touch more...~~~~ "Damnit,
he got away!" "I bet he's still around here -
there!" "That was just a branch snapping! Screw
him - he can

Trickery "So
Hueco break wall?" The coyote reached out one hand,
which pulsed softly. "Still no. It's weird though - all of a
sudden, I got a /lot/ more power than I had a second ago. I could
tell it had /something/ to do with my being connected to you, so I
figured you being here would fix it." The orc growled.
"Want cache. Betcha is treasure Mictlan hid." "It's
definitely a Mictlan object in the middle there." Hueco stepped
around it - just

Over "Look,
I understand how it is, really." Definitely unusual
first words from a policeman who'd just pulled someone over, but
Officer Bronson was not a regular policeman. He pretended to be
leaning on something while holding himself up. "Diggerston
is just a small town between big towns, and for some reason they
route the freeway through
us. So I get it - you were going fast, but you were just on the
freeway and are heading through. So I don't need to ticket you,

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Orctober is now officially complete!

First of all HUZZAH I actually completed one fully! Thirty One orc stories! :D Writing every day!

Part of this was luck - I had a sequence where I basically got a two week break from all the crazy at the perfect moment to, well, /write/. But whyever the reason, woohoo I got 31 stories done! :D

And while, um, my brain is indeed on fire, it's /less/ on fire than normal which is good. Still pretty tired though.

I'm then pretty happy with the quality of stories therein this year. Most of these weren't...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by zearo8 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To Garz

Thanks! I liked the stories you did and await for next time :3


Posted by yugivore 4 months ago Report

Hehe, i love the consistency of the orctober uploads; id also love the occasional story from ya normally. Your writing is so good, man!


Posted by Zavvnao 7 months ago Report

I want to know more about your setti g stuff, and am on telegram, discord, and steam


Posted by zerochange 1 year ago Report

It's so terrific to see you writing again this year! I look forward all year to your Orctober stories.P


Posted by ClosedEyes 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Garz

OK thank you.


Posted by yakux 1 year ago Report

I hope you’re around this orctober. Looking forward for your stories!


Posted by Logic101 2 years ago Report

Any plans to makes something inspired by "Bright"?


Posted by yakux 2 years ago Report

I'm a big fan of your stories! Can't wait for you to post more, hope you do an orctober again.


Posted by ClosedEyes 2 years ago Report

Um, do you post your stories anywhere else?


Posted by TheBlueGuy 2 years ago Report

Nice stories~ Theres hardly any Baanga stuff


Posted by Logic101 3 years ago Report

Yay, you're back. I ain't even gay, I just love your style and the vore


Posted by VivamusDraconem 5 years ago Report

Do you take requests? I just love your stories.

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