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Mom Is Doing Much Better! Posted 9 months ago
Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know my mom is back home and doing much better since she broke her leg. :)
My Mom Broke Her Leg Posted 10 months ago
So a little while ago, my mom went in for knee surgery. It went well, all things considered, though I had to stay over at her apartment for a few days and help her out. I did my best, though I wasn't terribly good at it since I'm unfamiliar with being a caregiver. In any event, when she was feeling better, we parted on good terms and I went home. A few days later, though, she called me from the hospital to tell me she'd broken her leg rolling over in bed somehow (!). When she was taken to the hospital in the ambulance, she forgot her phone and also didn't know her room number at the hospital. So after she and I were done talking, there was no way for me to call her back, which was bad because we ended the conversation on bad terms.

We argued because she'd gotten a rug from...
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Rotten Kids Posted 10 months ago
So lately I've been having some problems with the kids who live around here. On Monday, I went out to check my mail, and a group of six or so kids of various ages, though none older than their preteens, happened to be going in the same direction, walking away from the dumpsters. I heard them whispering behind me. Finally, two of them, a boy with glasses and a somewhat overweight girl, spoke up and got my attention. I turned. I didn't really recognize any of them. The girl, who was the oldest and the obvious ringleader, asked me if I'd ever given her friend (the boy with the glasses) "the finger." I did recall an incident involving a particularly obnoxious boy a while back who was shouting things at me from a window, and I did in fact flip him off (I probably shouldn't have, but...
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RIP Harry Posted 11 months ago
My mom's cat Harry, who lost his leg to cancer a while ago, passed away shortly after Christmas. After my mom moved out of her old house, she gave Harry to a friend. Sometime in the days leading up to Christmas, he began developing digestive problems, and apparently it was pretty bad. They thought the cancer had come back, and he died not longer afterward. Goodbye, Harry. :(
Happy Easter! Posted 1 year ago
So, I hope everyone has a Happy Easter this year and stays safe, happy and healthy!
Sister's Surgery Went Well! Posted 1 year ago
I just got word that my sister's gall bladder surgery went well. She's recovering fine and can go home tomorrow. :)
When it Rains, It Pours Posted 1 year ago
So, 2020 isn't exactly off to a great start. Life seems determined to piss me off as much as humanly possible. Firstly, the most serious news. My sister is in the hospital with a gall bladder infection. It's serious enough that she's going to require surgery. Needless to say, I hope and pray she'll pull through. Any well wishes would be appreciated. As for the rest of it, this whole Coronavirus thing is getting out of hand. North Carolina hasn't entered into lockdown/shelter in place/whatever you wanna call it yet, but I feel like it may as well already have. I'm really mad at the government for screwing this whole thing up. It could've easily been prevented.

And I'm even angrier at the regular folks who live around here for panic-buying huge amounts of toilet paper. I'm down...
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Goodbye, Mutant Posted 1 year ago
Today I said goodbye to Mutant the cat, who I was taking care of for my mom. A friend of hers agreed to take Mutant and they just came and got her. She'll go to a good home! :)
Happy New Year Posted 1 year ago
Happy New Year, everyone. Goodbye, 2019. Goodbye and good riddance.
Books You Ought to Read: The Year of the Cloud Posted 2 years ago
American scientists led by Dr. Peter Yudkin (who feigns a foreign accent to go with his European-sounding surname to seem smarter) at an observatory take photographic plates of a mysterious celestial object near Mars using a highly sophisticated telescope and determine it is a cloud of some sort. Predicting that it will reach Earth in a matter of days and that the planet will in fact pass through it, NASA sends a rocket to collect samples of it. Analyzing the samples, they determine the cloud is organic in nature, composed primarily of polymers and a few other elements they can't identify. However, test animals subjected to the particles the rocket collected don't seem affected by it, and so at first it seems as if nothing harmful will come of its contact with Earth.

The cloud...
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