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Mmpf... H-Hey...!
I-I can't really remember what I was before... But I'm...?
Mpf... I was a prey slut, and now I'm just wonderful padding on my Mistress, the Lady Cinni's ample rear.
Nothing but soft jiggle and steaming waste <3

Go now and worship her, little morsels~


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Arroyo hummed merrily as he drove up the long, winding country lane to

his friend’s

house. At last! He had finally saved up enough money to purchase his own vehicle, no more

walking and

bus stops for him

The Last Dovataur –


"Michelle! Watch out!" The Knight yelled to his companion as a trinity of spells flashed over his head towards her. The Dragontaur turned to face their adversaries as the spells struck her


, sending the

The Last Dovataur

Ancient Halls.

The Dragontaur awoke from her slumber in in the Jarl’s longhouse, and hauled herself to her feet, surveying the wreckage around her. ‘What a night…’

She mused silently

The Last Dovataur –

The R

oad to Falkreath.


stifled a yawn

as she knocked loudly on the plain wooden door.

She had awoken with a hangover some hours before

The Last Dovataur – Falkreath.


morning sugar

.” Michelle


with a yawn. “It’s

time to wake up

." Reaching over, she petted his furry muzzle gently as

The Last Dovataur –



checked his map for the third time in as many minutes, doing his best to ignore the frustrated Taur looming overhead.

"Well, we're smack bang in between Ivarstead and Shor

's Stone, and there's no closer, inhabited,

Last Dovataur - Choosing Sides.
awoke slowly from sleep, letting out a groan as his stiff joints
complained in the cold morning air. They had walked far the night
before, and the stay in the stone chamber had done little good.
Rolling to one side, the Wolf pulled the blanket tight about his
shoulders and sat up in bed, glancing to the left and right for his
Dragontaur companion. "Michelle?" The room was empty.
taur was in a sour mood as she searched through the stores in th

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The unrecognisable slop of ex-Wolf had built up steadily during the night, filtering through the slumbering predator’s looping intestines to build up in a tightly-packed mass in her colon. Cinni’s insides flex and pulsate, clenching tightly around the lumpy remnants, nubs of acid worn bone stimulating her senses as she awoke to the familiar pressure in her rear. Soon, her tailhole gaped wide, a pleased groan escaping her lips as the first thick log slid free of her body to splat down to the ground. Few remains were clear, a broken rib, a tooth, the smooth curve of the skull peaking from the growing pile, visible for an instant before they’re buried beneath the bubbling torrent of filth. As the last few globs fell free of Cinni’s bowels, a lusty moan rose in the herm’s throat...
[ Continued ... ]

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