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Life in Sizzle: Meat Girl Games - Part 3

It was the last day of the Meat Girl Games, and since only two teams were competing in one event, most of the day was filled with other activities and games. Unfortunately for Ella, Cass, Marcy, and Mara, they had to be kept away from all the fun, shut away in their hotel suites.

"I'm bored. Is it time to die yet?" Mara whined as she lay on the floor.

"You mean, is it time to win?" Marcy corrected as she did her stretches for the thousandth time

Life in Sizzle: Meat Girl Games - Part 2
Ella awoke from her slumber, greeted by the smell of eggs and bacon. She got out of bed and walked into a shared commons area of her hotel sweet. There Cass, Marcy, and Mara were already awake.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," Cass greeted as she nibbled on some bacon.
"Morning," Ella yawned.
"Get some breakfast; need your energy for today," Marcy said in a commanding tone.
"Yeah, listen to Coach Rhodes and come have some girl bacon.
Ella joined her friends an

Life in Sizzle: Meat Girl Games
It was a dull Thursday night in the Miller Household; Ella Miller sat on the couch in the living room with her younger sister Julia, and her mother, Laura. Her Futa-Father Joan was sitting in her recliner. Angel, the futa of the family, when it came to the daughters, was out. She didn't have class tomorrow, so Ella assumed she was off somewhere trying to get a quick lay, some booze, and maybe some free girl meat.
The family was doing nothing tonight. Joan was fall

Life in Sizzle: Irish Stew
It was a typical Friday at Blevins Memorial High-school when a wild, freckle spotted, flat-chested redhead through the doors. Her name was Mara, and today she was on a mission. Upon seeing her friends Ella, and Cass, she b-lined for them.
"Top of the mornin to ya, lassies!" she greeted in a thick Irish-Cork accent. The speech pattern took both Ella and Cass by surprise as well did Mara's clothes, a green and white milkmaid dress.
"How is ya doing, hey?" Mara continue



It was the anticipation; the anticipation is what got her every time.

Emily Davis waited as her lover made their next unseen move. She felt lips on her neck, sending tingles down her spine. Her lover's kisses continued down her body before stopping just above her breasts. Emily waited

Life in Sizzle: Fireworks
The Sizzle fairgrounds were full of people with grills and alcohol as they celebrate. The smell of cooked girl meat filled the air; most of the racks had girl patties and girl dogs cooking. Ren Dodson threw a couple of patties on to her own grill, yesterday these patties were Ren's wild red-headed niece Mara Dodson, who her aunt had converted and ground up. Nearby a big titted, dark-skinned teen named Marcy Dodson was bent over a picnic table about to be spitted alive.

Life in Sizzle: Daughter Dinner
"But mom!" Ella whined
"No, buts!" Her mom shot back, obviously annoyed with her daughter's complaining. "In fact, the only butt tonight is going to be your roasted rump." Mrs. Miller said, proud of her wordplay.
"Now, go shower, it's almost time to leave." Her mom ordered.
Pouting, Ella stomped her way to the bathroom. Upon entering the restroom, She couldn't help but admire herself in the mirror as she stripped off her clothes. Taking off her shirt revealed her

Life in Sizzle: The Meat Girl Festival
"So, are we going in?" Cass asked
"Um yeah, I think." Ella anwered
The two eighteen girls stood outside the fairgrounds; it was the annual Sizzle Meat Girl Festival, Free Games, Free Food, and Free Entertainment. It was a good time that Ella and Cass always enjoyed before, but now they were eighteen, which means the qualified for the meat lottery.
The girls knew stepping in there would present a chance of them being converted into meat. The city and venders

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