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Rebecca hummed to herself, eyeing her possible buy in the dressing room mirror and examining the fit. It wasn't half bad, honestly, and for sundresses that was rare for her. However, the price tag was still something she was uncertain about. Fifty bucks for the thing? Sure, she was at a mall, but that bit. She sighed, draping the dress over her arm after changing into her normal clothes, and exiting the room to head for the cash register. She spotted a redhead manning an empty station and took a

Mercy yawned, waking up and stretching as she woke up after a long, well-deserved rest. She had been on a vacation for the last week or so, back home in Switzerland after finally conquering the tasks asked of her by Overwatch. She had gotten back home from reuniting with a few old colleagues, and was nursing a slight hangover that had only one cure in her mind.

Massaging her temples as she made her way over to the fridge, she fumbled around and pulled out a

Gantu! I told you to deliver those two safely!”
stood in front of three separate beings, but for all the trouble he
had gone through, it might as well have been all of Hawai’i. First,
he had to come up with a plan - but not just a
plan, the
plan, the ultimate plan to be done with that despicable brat Lilo and
the strange alliance she had formed with 626 - but then he had to
rely on… Ugh… Gantu. The hulking imbecile took half a

grunted as he slung a heavy, squirming canvas sack over from over his
shoulder and cast it rather carelessly down his basement stairs. It
bounced rather comically a few times, then thudded to a stop at the
bottom of the stairs, where it began to squirm once more, protesting
with muffled cries. The green alien smirked as he stepped into the
stairwell, turned on the basement lights, and shut the door.

down the stairs and nudging the sack with his foot, Zim crowed
triumphantly. “Got

walked through the jungle, enjoying the day. It’s sure a good day
to be alive, he thought. Suddenly, a roar rent the air. Looking up in
shock, he saw a glistening purple dragon flying in circles above him.
She glanced down and licked her lips. Frightened, he ran as she dove
for him, and almost as he was under a clump of trees, her claws
snatched his shoulders, tearing the fabric but not harming the
slightest hair. Despite this, he felt nothing but unending panic and,
screaming, he was ca

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How do you delete characters on the RP server? I totally know, I'm asking for a friend >.>

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Doing pretty good! Working on various commissions. :)


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