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Sick Posted 5 months ago
Hey all. Tested positive for a certain virus yesterday, I'd thought it was just allergies but then it got far worse.

I'll be doing what I gotta do, which means I'll likely have to be away from my ability to work on comms for even longer (laptop is now at someone else's house, since before quarantine) which stresses me the fuck out because I've got commissions I need to finish and this phone wipes my document app. As for the virus, I've got asthma and a weaker immune system than most, so I'm kinda scared, but it shouldn't be too bad. So far everything just... hurts.

See y'all on the other side of it ❤️ Love you all!

So uhhhh Posted 10 months ago
How do you delete characters on the RP server? I totally know, I'm asking for a friend >.>
Flash Sale! Posted 1 year ago
Hi! I'm unemployed now! As rent has officially become much more of a bitch than planned, I'll be doing same-day commissions for $20 even, up to 2500 words! I'll try to hit that word limit for commissions but can't guarantee it without enough content to add, but either way it's at least a little cheaper.

No ETA for how long the sale will last, and I'm doing some finishing touches on an extension for a piece too, so bear with me. Also, by same-day, I *do* mean 24 hours, not jamming something into a .txt file within an hour because I was messaged at 11PM. If you know anyone who'd be interested, send them my way <3 general commission rules apply.
Update (plus artist shout-out! (Please consider them ily)) Posted 2 years ago
Hey, guys

My wifi has been down for a while and doing commissions on my phone has been, well, hell.

I've got a temporary solution and will be doing the commissions ASAP.


I recommend checking them!

They do amazing work, as you can see, but WARNING! WARNING! NO VORE, I REPEAT, NO VORE! They'd prefer to do normal art, since vore isn't their thing but art itself definitely is. They do furry, human, rule 34, lewd, not-lewd, etc. Just no vore, again (and this TOTALLY has nothing to do with the fact we've gone on a couple dates and I don't want them knowing my kinks ...
[ Continued ... ]
Minor Hiatus Posted 2 years ago
Sorry to all that I was gone! I got in a car wreck a small while ago and it really fucked up my leg. I've been in the hospital, but now I'm back!

Don't worry, I'm completely okay now and there wasn't anything else wrong. I'll have a cast for a good bit, but then I'll be back to normal!

On the plus side, the pain meds made me loopy enough to come out on Facebook and such, which is a huge weight off my shoulders, so maybe this wasn't so bad after all!

Change of Pace Posted 2 years ago
Hey, guys! Just a disclaimer, I'm taking a break from fanfic commissions as much as possible. If anyone reads this before sending me a commission offer, don't worry, I'll still take requests for The Big One (MLP. Come on, it's everywhere.) If you have a fanfic you're just *dying* to have written, I'd encourage you to either go to another of our delightful writers on this site, or ask me about the show, game, or movie before assuming I'm going to love writing it.

Apologies and best wishes!

EMERGENCY! Any and all people who gave me commissions, READ THIS Posted 3 years ago
After reorganizing my computer setup in my room, my wifi has officially decided to barely work on my PC. Relocating it has barely helped at all, as it is still very slow. I've spent a day and a half on this, and I'll be working even more on it so I can get your stories done!!! I apologize for the wait, and if you've paid me for your story already and feel uncomfortable with the wait, please ask me for a refund if you'd like to make sure you're not losing money.
Um? Posted 3 years ago
You all know I'm a girl, right? I'm not bothered or offended, just an FYI to all the lovely people on here who I've been too afraid to correct in case it offends them.
MAJOR DEAL!!! All Commissions priced ~$20 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! Posted 3 years ago
Hi! Like it says, any and all people who want a commission from me at the moment are going to get them at only twenty to twenty-five dollars! That's right, folks! I'm broke, and I need some moolah! Of course, I still welcome new commissions at full prices, but if you don't have a lot for what I normally make, don't worry! For under thirty bucks, I can write whatever you want! Please take advantage of this, guys, like I said, I'm broke! ^^; Anything under 4,000 words is $20 and anything over is $25, don't miss out!
Getting back on commissions! Also, policy update. Posted 3 years ago
Hey, all! Long time no see, as usual.

So, I just wanted to let all my customers know, I AM getting on your commissions in the immediate future! So sorry for the AFK, I've had graduation stuff to work on, as well as a job hunt in real life.
HOWEVER! I can do this stuff now, so expect to see some stuff happening! If you've asked me for a commission and I've agreed, feel free to remind me on what it was.


For any and all new commissions, I have a PayPal. And this, of course, means the free commissions are no more! I'm officially charging for them. It's a pay-by-word-count policy, so please, see my commissions page for info.

Bye, lovelies!