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Hello all! Well what can you expect to find on this page you may be wondering? Well I will mainly be focused on witting, and maybe some art. My main focus write now is my Fallout 4 vore story, but I will be writing about other games, media, or OCs as well.

Also I have a devientart account now:

Also I have a tumbler page:

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Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on seeing that there hasn't been an update in about a week. Well I had to do some traveling for work preventing me form uploading anything the last couple days. Should be back home soon to upload another segment of the story. Now for some bad/good news. I have had to go back and re write most of what I was originally going to post. Long story short, I had shoe horned some vore into this chapter but upon re reading it. It didn't fit. This time around Chista won't be our focus character. Instead The main focus will be on our favorite secret laboratory Dexter’s laboratory... I mean the Institute.

This chapter won't have any real vore in it save for some mentions and this time around Chista won't be our focus character. I know....
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ABrinson27 1 month ago

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I love your fallout stories

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Posted by Colmillos 1 month ago

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Wait are you serious? I read your stuff and I notice maybe one or two spelling errors, but overall it doesn’t distract from the amount of articulate detail you put into your work. I swear you’re one of the only standout graphic digestion authors whose works really appeal to my tastes, speaking personally of course. It doesn’t hurt to improve, but when you’re this damn good at it I don’t really have any criticisms to raise. I’d love to check out the side story btw, not enough Fallout vore like yours out there.


Posted by Colmillos 1 month ago

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Oh absolutely! As someone who loves harsh digestion, gas, absorption and disposal I have to say that you do graphic digestion Justice. Your descriptions are so incredibly detailed, and the subtle slips you add into stories also bring me such joy (I.e. a character is doing something important/quest-related and they realize they have to let their load out atm)

I hope I’m not gushing here, but truly I need to give credit where it’s due, and your work is very deserving of that.


Posted by Tsavo 1 month ago

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Hey there, sorry for the slow reply, things are always hectic for me.

I'd say I enjoy your work because I flirt with hard digestion despite also being sorta grossed out by it. I also enjoy vore with a 3rd party witness, and more than a few of those stories have that kink. But you also string together a narrative, and do a good job of describing the scene you want people to imagine.


Posted by jaebomber 1 month ago

I love your work man your story’s have good atmosphere but keep to your illustrations and pictures within the stories they make it much more enjoyable to read and add more f/f :) but yeah love your stuff!


Posted by Diversity23 1 month ago

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It's OK and you're welcome ;D !
PS : it's "Git Gud" ( thanks Dark Souls 3 >.< )


Posted by FluffyNekos 2 months ago

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No problem :3


Posted by Alienraptor 2 months ago

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loving it lol nothing more to really say


Posted by SiHiUiLiSiEi 2 months ago

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I'm liking Chista's digestion xD !!


Posted by lyingunderfire 2 months ago

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Yeah. The lack of story was very disappointing in Fallout 4; however, with the Synths, creatures, factions, and previous entries lore the possibilities are quite numerous.

[Which further adds to the disappointment.]

But that leaves a lot to those like you who have an imagination to elaborate on.

[No pressure.]

All of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls fanfics I have read have been far more interesting than the core games. You are no different.


Posted by lyingunderfire 2 months ago

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I always find it hard to answer questions like this. Um...

[Normally we prefer M/M or M/F content with the former being our favorite, but your character is one of the few exceptions. The way Chista is written has us hooked. The juxtaposition of her carefree attitude and attention to detail of the harshness of digestion is something we always fall for. And we are a big fan of digestion which you write very well.]

Also, the setting is very interesting to me. I'm a huge Fallout fan and it just screams for voracious material to be written and drawn about. I'm shocked that not many do it especially considering that there is so much already in the lore. At least not many that I could find. The way you integrate screenshots from the Fallout Vore/Voremersion also tickles my fancy as I'm a huge fan those mods.


Posted by seriousdoomguy 2 months ago

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YOUR WELCOM! and thanks you glad you love it

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