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Let me tell you a big bad vore story.

Once there was a bear, a snake, and a frog. They were vore friends.

Most often the snake would eat someone else and the bear and the frog would sit next to the snake and rub its belly. The frog, having a big mouth could eat the bear and snake pretty easily. The bear struggled to eat the snake or the frog. The snake had no problem with either.

One day, the friends got seperated and were in the woods on a path to the frogs pad. The snake came across a bunny. The bunny said he would show the snake the way back to the path. But when the snake went ahead the bunny slurped up the snake with ease. The bunny patted his tummy that had the outline of the snake on the outside.

Then the bunny set out to find the other friends that were calling still for each other. Hush, the bunny said when he heard the muffled cries from the fuzzy belly. But alas, the noise alerted the bear to the fact he was about to be pounced and eaten and so the bear grabbed the rabbit by the neck.

The frog found him by following the shrill sounds the rabbit gave off before it was caught.

They didn't eat the rabbit at first. They pushed on the rabbits belly, causing the rabbit to urp up the snake and then the rabbit shuddered and complained about its stomach emptying.

The bear and frog were about to eat the snake when the snake stopped them asking if the rabbit could join them at the frog's pad.

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This is neat, I just copied and pasted the entry I put in here to my webserver wordpress and it brought in the links. That's awesome.

Anyways, I am posting this journal entry again in case anyways missed it. If you want to RP in a Fat Furry type RP that will be made into a story, Please see here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9894124

I have two sign ups already. Hoping for more.

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